Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 6

By | October 26, 2017

In the previous post we have learned how to file names with professional and personal titles. In this post, we are going to learn how to file names with abbreviations.

Rule 6

All abbreviations in names should be alphabetized as though they were spelled out. Consider the following examples:

St. Peter
Fr. Joel
Mr. Cruz

Ft. Santiago
Quezon Ave.
Brixton St.

They are filed by unit as:

Father Joel
Mister Cruz
Saint Peter

Brixton Street
Fort Santiago
Quezon Avenue

Now, try these following exercise:

Exercise 1

Ms. Abelan
Bro. Justin
Engr. Perez
Atty. Quintin
St. Matthew

Exercise 2

Captain Burger Jr.
St. Joseph Funeral Homes
Fifth Ave.
Maginhawa St.
Blue Cor. Printing Co.

Exercise 3

Abshp. Welby
Mngr. Gallo
Prof. Reyes
Mr. Lopez
Gov. Medina

Answer to Exercise 1

Attorney Quintin
Brother Justin
Engineer Perez
Miss Abelan
Saint Matthew

Answer to Exercise 2

Blue Corner Printing Company
Captain Burger Junior
Fifth Avenue
Maginhawa Street
Saint Joseph Funeral Homes

Answer to Exercise 3

Archbishop Welby
Governor Medina
Manager Gallo
Mister Lopez
Professor Reyes

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