Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 7 – Set 2

This is the PCSR seventh vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Adamant– adjective

Hard; inflexible

Romy’s statement “My love for you is as adamant as Wolverine’s claws” made his friends tease him.

2.) Composure – noun

Statement of mind under stress

The rookie accepted all the challenges with composure.

3.) Embellish – verb

Adorn; beautify; decorate

Beads and sequences embellished the Reyna Elena’s gown.

4.) Genealogy – noun

Record of descent; lineage

I had fun using the new G-app or Genealogy App that shows your celebrity genealogy.

5.) Irksome – adjective

Boring; dull

I find the movie “The Beguiled” irksome because of the slow flow of the story.

6.) Nauseate – verb

Cause to become sick; fill with disgust; sicken

Malou’s sense of smell is very sensitive since she’s pregnant. Anything that has odor nauseates her.

7.) Parameter – noun


The police officer instructed his men to check the parameters to ensure the guests safety.

8.) Prim – adjective

Very precise and formal

Miss Minchin ordered her girls to be prim and proper on the event day.

9.) Sacrosanct – adjective

Most sacred

During the war in Marawi, the terrorists invaded the churches and destroy all the sacrosanct things inside.

10.) Scrutinize – verb

Examine closely and critically

Jessa is known for her ability to scrutinize everything to death.

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