Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 8 – Set 2

In each item, identify the word with incorrect spelling.

Item 01

a. thorough
b. eighth
c. tradegy
d. minuet
e. colloquial

Item 02

a. miscellaneous
b. flagrant
c. prefecture
d. counsel
e. ephimeral

Item 03

a. tounge
b. differentiate
c. advise
d. morale
e. healthful

Item 04

a. conscience
b. marriage
c. incorporate
d. exxagerate
e. bureau

Item 05

a. environment
b. interruption
c. dilemma
d. across
e. imittate

Item 06

a. tenacity
b. harrass
c. occasion
d. disappear
e. arithmetic

Item 07

a. reccomendation
b. malign
c. advertise
d. basically
e. equipped

Item 08

a. believe
b. length
c. ommission
d. balance
e. optimism

Item 09

a. reference
b. immediately
c. adequate
d. barriccade
e. immediately

Item 10

a. committee
b. accomodate
c. bookkeeper
d. leisurely
e. hierarchy


1. c – tragedy
2. e – ephemeral
3. a – tongue
4. d – exaggerate
5. e – imitate
6. b – harass
7. a – recommendation
8. c – omission
9. d – barricade
10. b – accommodate

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