Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 11

In the previous post we have learned how todeal with letters that are used together to form a name. In this post, we’ll learn how to file names with numbers.

Rule 11:

I. Numeric names are always filed as though spelled out.
II. Numbers of more than two digits are given their proper numeric value.

Consider the following examples:

1 Happy Market
A 7 Driving School
9th Flr. Bar
456 Repair Shop
3229 Bldg.

They are filed by unit as:

A Seven Driving School
Four Hundred Fifty Six Repair Shop (NOT Four Five Six Repair Shop)
Ninth Flr. Bar
One Happy Market
Three Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Nine Building (NOT Three Two Two Nine Building)


Now, try these following exercise:

Exercise 1

B 6 Online Shop
7 Up Computer Shop
88 Single Club
S 28 Salon
3rd Flr. Spa

Exercise 2

3 Sisters Cosmetics
20th St. Food Hauz
A 4 Paper Mills
1224 Computer Hub
1001 Book Club

Exercise 3

Straight 888 Lending Co.
37th Bldg.
100 Smart Club
22 Electronics
500 Bees Pure Honey Co.

Answer to Exercise 1

B Six Online Shop
Eighty Eight Single Club
S Twenty Eight Salon
Seven Up Computer Shop
Third Flr. Spa

Answer to Exercise 2

A Four Paper Mills
One Thousand One Book Club
One Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Four Computer Hub
Three Sisters Cosmetics
Twentieth St. Food Hauz

Answer to Exercise 3

Five Hundred Bees Pure Honey Company
One Hundred Smart Club
Straight Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Lending Company
Thirty Seventh Building
Twenty Two Electronics

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  • Ivy Grace Tuya

    November 9, 2019

    Good day. I was just a little bit confused in Exercise 1. Why S Twenty Eight Salon was the first in order rather than in Seven Up computer Shop. In my opinion, Seven Up Computer Salon should be the first in order. They both starts in letter ‘S’, next we proceed to the next letter to it, since in Seven Up Computer Shop, the next letter to S was E then it should be the first in order. In S Twenty Eight Salon, the next letter to S was T that is why it should be after of Seven Up Computer Shop. Would you mind giving me a further explanation on this one? Thank you so much for your help. God bless.


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