Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 8 – Set 2

This is the PCSR eighth vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Saunter – verb

Stroll slowly; walk leisurely

The newly-weds sauntered by the beach while enjoying the sunset.

2.) Acquiesce – verb

To agree or express agreement; to accept something without protest; to comply; submit

The employees acquiesce to the new policies.

3.) Defame – verb

To slander or libel

Miguel sue Arnold for defaming him.

4.) Contingency – noun

A possible event

Because of the bad weather, we were advised to be prepared for all possible contingencies.

5.) Emblem – noun

A symbol; special design or visual object representing a quality, type, group, etc.

During Holy week, we abstain from eating meat as an emblem of our sacrifice.

6.) Castigate – verb

To punish; reprimand severely

Mang Pedro castigated his son for stealing.

7.) Exigent – adjective

Urgent; demanding attention

The exigent demand of the situation leave me no choice but to agree with the majority.

8.) Virile – adjective

Masculine; manly

Robert’s deep virile voice on the phone sounds scary.

9.) Trivial – adjective

Of little importance or value

Today’s preaching was about focusing our eyes on riches in heavens, not on the trivial things here on earth.

10.) Umbrage – noun

Feeling of anger caused by being offended; offense or annoyance

He took umbrage at my remarks.

Civil Service Examination 2018 Schedule

It’s official! The Civil Service Commission has already announced the dates of the Civil Service Paper and Pencil Professional and Subprofessional Examination for 2018. They are the following:

First Batch
Exam Date: March 18, 2018
Filing Period: November 16, 2017 to January 31, 2018

Second Batch
Exam Date: August 12, 2018
Filing Period: April 10, 2018 to June 22, 2018

Note: Acceptance of applications shall be on a First-COME, FIRST SERVED basis and shall be closed any time before the deadline if the CSC Regional/Field Office has already reached the target number of applicants.


All applicants must strictly meet the following qualification requirements:
1. Filipino citizen;
2. At least 18 years old on the date of filing of application;
3. Of good moral character;
4. Has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude, or disgraceful or immoral conduct, dishonesty, examination irregularity, drunkenness, or addiction to drugs;
5. Has not been dishonorably discharged from military service, or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government; and
6. Has not taken the same level of Career Service Examination, regardless of mode, within the last three months before the date of examination.


1. Fully accomplished Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016).
Note: The spaces for “Signature of Applicant” and “Right Thumbmark” on the
Application Form should be left blank. These shall be accomplished in the presence of the
CSC processor.

2. Four (4) pieces of identical I.D. pictures with specifications, as follows:
a. Passport size (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches)
b. Colored, with white background
c. Taken within three (3) months prior to filing of application
d. Printed on good quality photo paper
e. In standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up with the head and face occupying at least 80% of the picture and with the name tag positioned at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin)
f. In bare face (with no eyeglasses, colored contact lens, or any accessories that may cover the facial features; facial features not computer enhanced)
g. Showing left and right ears
h. Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
i. With neutral facial expression, and both eyes open
j. With HANDWRITTEN (not computer-generated) name tag legibly showing SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED FULL NAME in the format: First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name, if any

3. Original and photocopy of any of the following I.D. cards, which must be valid (not expired upon filing of application):
a. Driver’s License;
b. Passport;
c. PRC License;
d. SSS I.D.;
e. GSIS I.D. (UMID);
f. Voter’s I.D.;
g. BIR I.D. (ATM type/TIN card type with picture);
h. PhilHealth I.D. (must, at the least, contain the holder’s name, clear picture, signature and PhilHealth number);
i. Company/Office I.D.;
j. School I.D. (validated for the current school year/semester/trimester);
k. Police Clearance/Police Clearance Certificate (with picture);
l. Postal I.D.;
m. Barangay I.D.; or
n. NBI Clearance.
Note: All other I.D. cards not included in the above list shall NOT be accepted.
4. For applicants without date of birth in their I.D. card/s, original and photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA, formerly National Statistics Office), or the Local Civil Registry (LCR) printed on Security Paper (SecPa)
5. For applicants holding dual citizenship under R.A. 9225, original and photocopy of Certification of Retention/Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship issued by the Bureau of Immigration
6. Examination fee of Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00)


Alphabetizing Quiz 7

File the following correctly.

Item 01

a) One Up Grocery Store
b) Close Up Dental Clinic
c) Body Buddies Gym
d) Taste Buds Restaurant
e) Pink Wink Boutique

1) c-b-a-d-e
2) c-b-a-e-d
3) c-b-d-e-a
4) b-c-a-e-d
5) b-c-a-d-e

Item 02

a) Color Mix Paint Co.
b) Fe Libuon Salon
c) Munch Crunch Snack Bar
d) Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gym
e) Karen Rizaldo Accessories

1) a-b-d-c-e
2) a-b-e-c-d
3) a-e-b-d-c
4) b-a-e-d-c
5) b-a-e-c-d

Item 03

a) Vic Sotto Barber Shop
b) Shop and Ride Convenient Store
c) Purple Pockets Jeans Co.
d) Local Stuff Accessories
e) Apples and Peaches Healthy Drinks

1) e-b-c-d-a
2) e-d-b-c-a
3) e-d-a-c-b
4) e-d-c-b-a
5) e-d-c-a-b

Item 04

a) Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic
b) Color Ace Paint Co.
c) Skin Care Derm Clinic
d) Wonder Pets Vet Clinic
e) Spin and Fold Laundry Shop

1) d-a-e-c-b
2) d-a-c-e-b
3) b-c-a-e-d
4) b-a-c-d-e
5) b-a-c-e-d

Item 05

a) Pop Top Body Shop
b) Rica Rics Perfumes
c) Sunshine’s Lovely Spa and Salon
d) San Pedro’s Bakeshop
e) Juliana’s Scent Station

1) e-a-b-d-c
2) e-a-d-b-c
3) e-a-b-c-d
4) e-b-a-d-c
5) e-b-a-c-d

Item 06

a) Shapes and Colors Dress Shop
b) Chucks Men’s Gear
c) De Perez Mfg. Co.
d) Sneak and Peek Play Place
e) Elizabeth Co Company S-C-D-S-C

1) e-b-c-d-a
2) e-b-c-a-d
3) b-e-c-a-d
4) b-e-c-d-a
5) b-e-d-c-a

Item 07

a) Crystal Clear Mfg. Co.
b) Harry Potter Apparel
c) Michael Kors Prime Bags
d) Lilibeth Austria Manpower Services Inc.
e) Fluffy Squishy Toys Inc.

1) a-e-b-c-d
2) a-e-b-d-c
3) d-a-b-e-c
4) d-a-e-b-c
5) d-a-e-c-b

Item 08

a) One Up Computer Systems Inc.
b) Cherry Pop Costumes
c) Happy Feet Shoe Store
d) Don Mario’s Hardware
e) Go-nuts Donuts Inc.

1) b-d-e-a-c
2) b-d-e-c-a
3) d-b-e-c-a
4) d-b-e-a-c
5) d-e-b-c-a

Item 09

a) Basha and Popoy’s Lugawan
b) Perfect A Review Center
c) Infinite Steps Zumba Dance Class
d) Ruel Estacio Corp.
e) Helen Ortiz Online Shop

1) a-e-c-b-d
2) a-e-c-d-b
3) a-c-e-b-d
4) e-a-c-b-d
5) e-a-c-b-d

Item 10

a) Pink Panda Cafe
b) Stylish Cloth Mfg. Co.
c) Little Kettle Kitchenware
d) Blue Waves Resort
e) Safe Haven Hotel

1) c-d-e-a-b
2) c-d-a-b-e
3) c-d-a-e-b
4) d-c-a-e-b
5) d-c-a-b-e

Answer key:

1) 2 – c-b-a-e-d
2) 1 – a-b-e-d-c
3) 4 – e-d-c-b-a
4) 5 – b-a-c-e-d
5) 1 – e-a-b-d-c
6) 3 – b-e-c-a-d
7) 4 – d-a-e-b-c
8) 2 – b-d-e-c-a
9) 1 – a-e-c-b-d
10) 4 – d-c-a-e-b

Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 7

In the previous post we have learned how to file names with abbreviations. In this post, we are going to learn how to file business names.

Rule 7

A business name is filed as written unless it is the name of an individual, on that case it should be transposed. Consider the following examples:

Top One Supermarket
Prime Choice Chemical Co.
Katrina Co Boutique

They are filed by unit as:

Co Katrina Boutique
Prime Choice Chemical Company
Top One Supermarket

EXCEPTION: When a firm named for an individual is so well-known that to transpose it would cause confusion, it is filed as written.


Jose Rizal’s Aklatan
Vicky Belo Skincare

Now, try these following exercise:

Exercise 1

Colorfy Paints Inc.
Blue Jeans Apparel
J-Jay Restaurant
Health-Tea Tea House
Mang Kokoy’s Fresh Coconut

Exercise 2

Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gym
Remi Ramil Tapsilogan
Potpot & Japoy’s Online Shop
Seashells Footwear
Harry Potter Book Club

Exercise 3

Lea Salonga’s Voice Class
Bea Angelika’s Sweet Delights
Stop and Go Snack Shop
Three Wheels Car Repair
Pretty in pink Salon

Answer to Exercise 1

Blue Jeans Apparel
Colorfy Paints Incorporated
Healthtea Tea House
Jjay Restaurant
Mang Kokoy’s Fresh Coconut

Answer to Exercise 2

Harry Potter Book Club
Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gym
Potpot & Japoy’s Online Shop
Ramil Remi Tapsilogan
Seashells Footwear

Answer to Exercise 3

Bea Angelika’s Sweet Delights
Lea Salonga’s Voice Class
Pretty in pink Salon
Stop and Go Snack Shop
Three Wheels Car Repair

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 7 – Set 2

This is the PCSR seventh vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Adamant– adjective

Hard; inflexible

Romy’s statement “My love for you is as adamant as Wolverine’s claws” made his friends tease him.

2.) Composure – noun

Statement of mind under stress

The rookie accepted all the challenges with composure.

3.) Embellish – verb

Adorn; beautify; decorate

Beads and sequences embellished the Reyna Elena’s gown.

4.) Genealogy – noun

Record of descent; lineage

I had fun using the new G-app or Genealogy App that shows your celebrity genealogy.

5.) Irksome – adjective

Boring; dull

I find the movie “The Beguiled” irksome because of the slow flow of the story.

6.) Nauseate – verb

Cause to become sick; fill with disgust; sicken

Malou’s sense of smell is very sensitive since she’s pregnant. Anything that has odor nauseates her.

7.) Parameter – noun


The police officer instructed his men to check the parameters to ensure the guests safety.

8.) Prim – adjective

Very precise and formal

Miss Minchin ordered her girls to be prim and proper on the event day.

9.) Sacrosanct – adjective

Most sacred

During the war in Marawi, the terrorists invaded the churches and destroy all the sacrosanct things inside.

10.) Scrutinize – verb

Examine closely and critically

Jessa is known for her ability to scrutinize everything to death.

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 6

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 6
Week 6: October 30 – November 5, 2017


Youtube Tutorial Videos (Taglish)

Lesson 1: How to Convert Decimal Numbers to Fractions Part 1

Lesson 2: How to Convert Decimal Numbers to Fractions Part 2

Lesson 3: How to Convert Fractions to Decimals Part 1

Lesson 4: How to Convert Fractions to Decimals Part 2

Lesson 5: How to Convert Fractions to Percent Part 1

Lesson 6: How to Convert Fractions to Percent Part 2

Lesson 7: How to Convert Percent to Fractions Part 1

Lesson 8: How to Convert Percent to Fractions Part 2

Lesson 9: How to Convert Percent to Decimal Numbers

Lesson 10: How to Convert Decimal Numbers to Percent

Tutorial Articles

How to Convert Fractions to Decimals

How to Convert Decimals to Fractions

How to Convert Fraction to Percent Part 1

How to Convert Fraction to Percent Part 2

How to Convert Percent to Fraction

How to Convert Percent to Decimals

How to Convert Decimal to Percent


A. Vocabulary

B. Grammar

Understanding Progressive Tense

Grammar Rules: Present Progressive Tense with Exercise

Grammar Rules: Past Progressive Tense with Exercise

Grammar Rules: Future Progressive Tense with Exercise

C. Spelling

Part III: CLERICAL (Subprofessional)

Alphabetizing Rules Part 6

Rule 6 Alphabetizing Exercise with answers

Alphabetizing Quiz 6 with answers


How to Solve Civil Service Exam Number Series Problems 2


1. Math English Tutorials and more at the PCSR Civil Service Review website:

2. More than 700 Taglish Math Tutorials at the Sipnayan Youtube channel:

3. Sipnayan Website

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Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 7 – Set 2

Item 01

a. idiosyncrasy
b. absense
c. parallel
d. desperate
e. articulate

Item 02

a. aboriginal
b. understatement
c. thunderstorm
d. indifferent
e. aparrent

Item 03

a. colloquial
b. posthumous
c. dissapoint
d. receipt
e. rue

Item 04

a. wispy
b. introvert
c. adulate
d. seperate
e. excoriate

Item 05

a. happines
b. buoyant
c. reference
d. noticeable
e. athlete

Item 06

a. tendency
b. submission
c. occassion
d. paraphernalia
e. barrel

Item 07

a. congeniality
b. enviroment
c. adversary
d. retribution
e. attributes

Item 08

a. minuet
b. dillema
c. description
d. tangential
e. easily

Item 09

a. tantamont
b. immediately
c. inadequate
d. honorifics
e. arcade

Item 10

a. villain
b. heros
c. ventriloquist
d. pronunciation
e. maintenance


1. b – absence
2. e – apparent
3. c – disappoint
4. d – separate
5. a – happiness
6. c – occasion
7. b – environment
8. b – dilemma
9. a – tantamount
10. b – heroes

Alphabetizing Quiz 6

File the following correctly.

Item 01

a) Mngr. De Vera
b) Mngr. De Leon
c) Mngr. Dela Cruz
d) Ms. Cervantes
e) Mr. Cervacio

1) c-b-a-e-d
2) c-b-a-d-e
3) c-a-b-d-e
4) d-e-a-b-c
5) d-e-a-c-b

Item 02

a) Dr. Gero
b) Engr. Samonte
c) Atty. Gregorio
d) Fr. Ulpindo
e) Arch. Dela Rosa

1) e-d-c-a-b
2) e-d-a-c-b
3) e-c-b-a-d
4) e-c-a-b-d
5) e-a-c-d-b

Item 03

a) Masayahin St.
b) Tullahan Brg.
c) Cor. Timog St.
d) Sinamay Ave.
e) Rainbow Vlg.

1) c-e-a-d-b
2) c-a-e-d-b
3) c-a-e-b-d
4) c-a-d-e-b
5) c-a-b-d-e

Item 04

a) Capt. Mirasol
b) Chief Gomez
c) Sgt. Tobias
d) Lt. Ismael
e) Ofc. Diaz

1) b-a-e-d-c
2) b-a-d-c-e
3) b-a-d-e-c
4) a-b-c-e-d
5) a-b-d-e-c

Item 05

a) Ph. 5A Sampaguita Block
b) Brgy. San Sebastian
c) Bliss Subd.
d) Pipit Cor. Lemon St.
e) Dagohoy Rd.

1) c-b-e-d-a
2) c-b-e-a-d
3) b-c-e-a-d
4) b-c-e-d-a
5) b-c-a-e-d

Item 06

a) Mr. Torres
b) Ofc. Coronel
c) Lt. Ruben
d) Gen. Carbonel
e) Rev. Del Rey

1) d-c-a-b-e
2) d-c-a-e-b
3) d-c-b-a-e
4) d-b-e-c-a
5) d-b-e-a-c

Item 07

a) Crystal Clear Mfg. Co.
b) MYX Ink Refill Sta.
c) JD Corp.
d) ABC Paint Inc.
e) Purple Pin Co.

1) d-a-c-b-e
2) d-a-c-e-b
3) a-d-e-c-b
4) a-d-c-e-b
5) a-d-e-b-c

Item 08

a) Brgy. Pulang Lupa
b) No. 2 Blk. 4 Red Heights Vlg.
c) Taft Sta.
d) Cherry Blossom Ville
e) Villa Miranda Subd.

1) a-e-b-c-d
2) a-c-b-d-e
3) a-d-b-c-e
4) a-d-b-e-c
5) a-d-c-b-e

Item 09

a) St. Claire
b) Bro. Tony
c) Rev. Quijano
d) Prof. Lucas
e) Sis. Belen

1) a-e-c-d-b
2) a-e-d-b-c
3) a-e-d-c-b
4) b-d-c-e-a
5) b-d-c-a-e

Item 10

a) Blk. A, Parrot St.
b) Brgy. Ginebra
c) Ph. 3, Cor. Parrot St.
d) Roxas Blvd.
e) Ayala Ave.

1) e-d-a-c-b
2) e-a-d-c-b
3) e-b-a-d-c
4) e-b-a-c-d
5) e-a-b-c-d

Answer key:

1) 2 – c-b-a-d-e
2) 4 – e-c-a-b-d
3) 2 – c-a-e-d-b
4) 5 – a-b-d-e-c
5) 3 – b-c-e-a-d
6) 1 – d-c-a-b-e
7) 1 – d-a-c-b-e
8) 3 – a-d-b-c-e
9) 5 – b-d-c-a-e
10) 4 – e-b-a-c-d

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