Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 17 – Set 2

In each item, identify the word with incorrect spelling.

Item 01

a. sequential
b. tidy
c. incorrigible
d. haughtines
e. eighth

Item 02

a. pallate
b. palpitate
c. controversial
d. addiction
e. consistency

Item 03

a. terminal
b. premonicion
c. adversity
d. hydration
e. invoke

Item 04

a. inundate
b. clemency
c. sustainance
d. ironic
e. invert

Item 05

a. pacifist
b. opiate
c. palette
d. solubol
e. opus

Item 06

a. eschew
b. blurt
c. challenging
d. deserve
e. loitter

Item 07

a. influence
b. affluence
c. frugallity
d. callous
e. coagulate

Item 08

a. humain
b. glower
c. espionage
d. gratify
e. grate

Item 09

a. hover
b. hibernate
c. incriment
d. entail
e. extravagant

Item 10

a. maxim
b. celebration
c. government
d. metaphor
e. inarticullate


1. d. – haughtiness
2. a – palliate
3. b – premonition
4. c – sustenance
5. d – soluble
6. e – loiter
7. c – frugality
8. a – humane
9. c – increment
10. e – inarticulate

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