Civil Service Exam Antonyms Reviewer

Here are some multiple-choice Civil Service exam reviewers on antonyms.

Instruction: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word opposite in meaning to the bold and italicized word in the sentence.

1.) Because of his love for culture and the arts, Martin is considered by his friends as elegant and refined.

A.) aggressive
B.) praiseworthy
C.) philistine
D.) peaceful

2.) I don’t think they have the temerity to put these accusations in print.

A.) meekness
B.) silence
C.) daring
D.) strength

3.) Waging a campaign against the candidate’s character, the press attempted to vilify Mr. Rosario and his family.

A.) criticize
B.) publish
C.) mask
D.) praise

4.) Young people who experience unrequited love often outgrow it and become more mature in their dealings.

A.) uncensored
B.) reciprocated
C.) remarkable
D.) rejected

5.) It is not a good thing to hang out with people with morose dispositions in life.

A.) thoughtful
B.) jubilant
C.) depressing
D.) unresponsive

6.) Mrs. Cabral’s art works are acclaimed by both critics and lay people alike because of their beauty and insight.

A.) disregarded
B.) noteworthy
C.) indispensable
D.) praised

7.) Ramsay’s articles in the papers are noted for their avant-garde take on contemporary issues and concerns.

A.) antediluvian
B.) postmodern
C.) cultural
D.) graceful

8.) Many philanthropists are known for their altruistic efforts to change society and fix social problems that exist.

A.) collaborative
B.) organized
C.) selfish
D.) compassionate

9.) Expressions like, “Follow your dreams” are examples of trite expressions these days.

A.) overused
B.) empty
C.) powerful
D.) original

10.) People who live debauched lifestyles only care about the pursuit of pure pleasure.

A.) excellent
B.) notorious
C.) wholesome
D.) happy

11.) In the modern world, lazy and unproductive individuals are deplored by others.

A.) admired
B.) criticized
C.) silenced
D.) grieved

12.) Some mental patients who speak in gibberish may suffer from problems of meaning comprehension.

A.) complicated
B.) attentive
C.) intelligible
D.) depressed

13.) Many poets and prophets see the length of human life on earth as ephemeral.

A.) transient
B.) short
C.) eternal
D.) diffused

14.) A significant group of scientists have debunked the so called idea that the earth is a flat disk.

A.) destroyed
B.) invalidated
C.) restored
D.) confirmed

15.) A lot communities and towns are built near a dormant volcano.
A.) asleep
B.) active
C.) beautiful
D.) peaceful


1.) C.) philistine
2.) A.) meekness
3.) D.) praise
4.) B.) reciprocated
5.) B.) jubilant
6.) A.) disregarded
7.) A.) antediluvian
8.) C.) selfish
9.) D.) original
10.) C.) wholesome
11.) A.) admired
12.) C.) intelligible
13.) C.) eternal
14.) D.) confirmed
15.) B.) active

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