Civil Service Exam Synonyms Reviewer

Here are some multiple-choice Civil Service exam reviewers on synonyms.

Choose the letter that corresponds to the word closest in meaning to the bold and italicized word in the sentence.

1.) It is paradoxical to say that one can be patriotic and not patriotic at the same time.

A.) supportive
B.) contradictory
C.) energizing
D.) truthful

2.) Many false stories surfaced the author’s death but only those which are widely popular remained canonical.

A.) valuable
B.) meaningful
C.) engaging
D.) acceptable

3.) The five star general remained composed in his behaviour although a lot of logistical problems continued to fill his ranks.

A.) serene
B.) inspired
C.) thoughtful
D.) focused

4.) The football team remained enervated after the particularly difficult final match with the defending champions from Barotac.

A.) exhausted
B.) motivated
C.) calculating
D.) noisy

5.) The chief operating officer suggested a more pragmatic approach in dealing with the situation, relying more on results and outcomes.

A.) planned
B.) practical
C.) polite
D.) purposeful

6.) Between rumors of a tryst with a government official and allegations of drug dependency, the student athlete decided to disappear from the public eye.

A.) flight
B.) love affair
C.) secret meet
D.) corruption

7.) Doctors recommend that people should drink more water when they are working out strenuously.

A.) consistently
B.) thoroughly
C.) vigorously
D.) slowly

8.) The Harry Potter books have become ubiquitous in bookstores around the English-speaking world.

A.) amazing
B.) widespread
C.) annoying
D.) entertaining

9.) Batman defeated Gotham’s mob bosses and ended their nefarious activities that took advantage on the weak and the poor.

A.) questionable
B.) hidden
C.) altruistic
D.) wicked

10.) Because of his flippant remarks, Quentin’s friends never took him seriously.

A.) light-hearted
B.) profound
C.) demeaning
D.) wise

11.) The old professor’s lectures were soporific in their effect as seen from the immediate results in the lecture hall.

A.) enlightening
B.) merciful
C.) sleep-inducing
D.) engaging

12.) The young lady was often lachrymose whenever she reads books that lead to tragic ends.

A.) silly
B.) preoccupied
C.) lazy
D.) tear-filled

13.) Many civic minded members of society decry government policies that continue to ignore the concerns of the poor.

A.) condemn
B.) express
C.) support
D.) lessen

14.) Many college textbooks, despite the appeal of their subject matter, remain stodgy in their discussion and presentation of topics.

A.) limited
B.) short-sighted
C.) boring
D.) erroneous

15.) Because of his warm attitude and scholarly erudition, the class admired Mr. Pelaez and ignored his minor weaknesses.

A.) positivity
B.) intelligence
C.) virtue
D.) religiousness

Answer key:

1.) B.) contradictory
2.) D.) acceptable
3.) A.) serene
4.) A.) exhausted
5.) B.) practical
6.) C.) secret meet
7.) C.) vigorously
8.) B.) widespread
9.) D.) wicked
10.) A. ) light-hearted
11.) C.) sleep-inducing
12.) D.) tear-filled
13.) A.) condemn
14.) C.) boring
15.) B.) intelligence

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