Review for August 2019 has already started

After a one-month break, we have already started our review series for the month of August 2019. The date of the examination will be on August 7, 2019. If you wish to follow our review series (I suggest you do), please like and then follow the Philippine CivilĀ  Service Exam Reviewer Facebook page. Every week, we post Math, English, and Clerical tutorials and practice questions. For the first week our topics are LCM, GCD, Subject Verb agreement. You may download the review outline here.

We have already posted new video tutorials in Filipino on LCM and GCD on the Sipnayan Youtube channel.

Greatest Common Divisor/Greatest Common Factor

Least Common Multiple/Least Common Denominator

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  • Jeremie

    May 23, 2019

    I want to learn more. and hoping to take exam soon.

  • Liney Salang-ey Mi-ing

    May 26, 2019

    It can help me reading your posted articles on cse.

  • Francisca valencia

    June 21, 2019

    Wherecan i download?

  • Jean a. Sainz

    April 10, 2020

    I want to take civil service exam. Help me to review.


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