Identifying Error Exercise

Direction: Each sentence consists of four underlined words or phrases. Identify the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. If there are no errors, choose “No error”. Encircle letter of your choice.

1.) Jasper and me went to the park to play soccer with our friends. No error.

A.) me
B.) went
C.) to play
D.) with
E.) No error.

2.) The duties of the council chair are to preside over meetings, monitoring the progress of the group and consulting with more senior officers on issues discussed in meetings. No error
A.) council chair
B.) to preside
C.) monitoring
D.) consulting
E.) No error.

3.) The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, and have the final decision on issues that matter the most. No error.
A.) is
B.) in the land
C.) have
D.) the most.
E.) No error.

4.) The value of the peso declines as the rate of inflation raises. No error.
A.) value
B.) declines
C.) as the
D.) raises.
E.) No error.

5.) Either Prof. Leloy Claudio or his fellow professors identifies as anti-communist. No error.
A.) either
B.) or
C.) his fellow professors
D.) identifies
E.) No error.

6.) Everyone obeys the traffic rules, and no one gets a ticket from the MMDA officer. No error.
A.) Everyone
B.) obeys
C.) gets
D.) from the MMDA officer
E.) No error.

7.) Six hundred pesos are the amount you have to pay for your overdue fine. No error.
A.) Six hundred pesos
B.) are
C.) have to pay
D.) your
E.) No error.

8.) Algebra and physics are my most interesting subject this semester. No error.
A.) physics
B.) are
C.) interesting
D.) subject
E.) No error.

9.) Some of the students in the night session volunteers during weekends. No error.
A.) of the
B.) night
C.) volunteers
D.) weekends
E.) No error.

10.) The bank teller told the client that there was several kinds of savings account available. No error.
A.) bank teller
B.) told
C.) there was
D.) savings
E.) No error.

11.) Interest in cryptocurrency investment has grown rapid since the turn of the century. No error.
A.) in cryptocurrency
B.) has grown
C.) rapid
D.) turn
E.) No error.

12.) If you want to leave a message for Mr. and Mrs. Ramos, I will be glad to take them. No error.
A.) to leave
B.) for
C.) I will be glad
D.) them
E.) No error.

13.) Stan Lee has redefine our understanding of the Marvel Universe through his amazing storytelling. No error.
A.) has
B.) redefine
C.) of the Marvel Universe
D.) through
E.) No error.

14.) Those of us who are over fifty years old, should get their blood pressure checked regularly. No error.
A.) Those
B.) their
C.) checked
D.) regularly
E.) No error.

15.) I have laid your notebook on the table by the door so that you won’t forget it. No error.
A.) have laid
B.) on the table
C.) so that
D.) won’t
E.) No error.

16.) Three of the athletes from the university has been chosen to represent the country. No error.
A.) of the athletes
B.) has
C.) been chosen
D.) the
E.) No error.

17.) Nick Joaquin, a National Artist for Literature, have written stories which he called tropical-gothic. No error.
A.) National Artist
B.) have written
C.) which
D.) called
E.) No error.

18.) Literary workshops were initiated by university-based writers who want to cultivate it among amateur and aspiring writers. No error.
A.) were initiated
B.) who
C.) to cultivate
D.) among
E.) No error.

19.) Each product come with a whole year warranty to meet your money’s worth. No error.
A.) come
B.) whole year
C.) to meet
D.) your
E.) No error.

20.) Both the Senators and the Congressmen, is responsible for the legislation of laws. No error.
A.) Both
B.) is
C.) for
D.) legislation
E.) No error.

1.) A.) “me”. The appropriate pronoun should be in the nominative case so the answer should be “I” not “me”.
2.) B.) “to preside”. The sentence follows a parallel construction of verbals. “To preside” must be changed to “presiding” to sustain parallel use of a series of verbals (in this case, gerunds)
3.) C.) “have”. The subject of the sentence ‘Supreme Court” is taken as a singular subject and the verb that should follow it should also be singular; “Have” should be changed to “has”.
4.) D.) “raises”. The correct word should be “rises”. To “raise” means to move to a higher place; to “rise” means to increase.
5.) D.) “identifies”. In a sentence that uses subjects with “or”, the subject closest to the verb that follows agrees with the noun’s number (whether it’s singular or plural). In this case, the closest noun is “professors” is in plural, therefore the verb must also be plural. Change “identifies” to “identify”. 6.) E.) No error.
7.) B.) “are”. Amounts expressed in word form and used as subjects are considered singular. “Is” should be used to agree with “six hundred pesos” as a singular subject.
8.) D.) “subject”. The subjects are compound and therefore considered plural in form. The word “subject” is a subject complement and therefore must also be in plural form. The word must be changed to “subjects”.
9.) C.) “volunteers”. The subject in this sentence is plural. The verb should also be plural form (volunteer).
10.) C.) “there was”. The correct answer should be “there were”. The group of words “several kinds” indicates a clue to its plural form.
11.) C.) “rapid”. The word “rapidly” should be placed instead as it demonstrates the adverb form that appropriately describes the verb phrase “has grown”.
12.) D.) “them”. This is an issue of the proper noun antecedent. The “message” which was supposed to be taken is referred to in the singular as an “it”. Change “them” to “it”.
13.) B.) “redefine”. The verb should be in its past participle. The correct answer should be “redefined”.
14.) B.) “their”. There should be appropriate pronoun antecedent with “us”. The correct substitute should be “our”.
15.) A.) “have lain”. It should be “have laid”. The correct verb form “lay” suggests putting something down in a horizontal position. The incorrect one whose past participle “lain” used here suggests assuming a horizontal or resting position.
16.) B.) “has”. The correct helping verb should be “have” as the subject indicates a plural form.
17.) B.) “have written”. The past participle should agree with the subject. The answer is “had written”.
18.) E.) No error.
19.) A.) “come”. The correct verb should be “comes” to make it agree with the singular pronoun “each”.
20.) B.) “is”. The correct answer is the verb “are” since the subject is in plural form.