Inspiring Comments From You – Thank You!

I have collected several comments from this blog at nakakatuwa at nakakataba ng puso na naappreciate nyo ang These comments inspire me to write more.

Marami pa akong nakalinyang topics na isusulat. Kahit pasado na kayo sa Civil Service Exam, I am encouraging you to read them. Puntahan nyo rin ang, maraming tagalog math videos doon kung gusto nyo mag-aral ng math.

Ang pagaaral, lifetime yan. Hindi yan nagtatapos pag-graduate ng college. Pag marami kayong alam, marami kayong matutulungan (believe me, knowledge is really power). Kung single kayo, magagamit nyo yan later sa mga anak ninyo or kung kailangan nyo ng part-time job, pwede kayo magtutor kung alam nyo ang Math at English. Pag bihasa kayo sa Math and English, any exam na i-take ninyo in the future, hindi kayo masyadong mahihirapan.  » Read more

What to Do After The Civil Service Exam

Good luck to all the examinees tomorrow.

If you pass, and you think that this blog has helped you, please come back to this website and share with us your experience. You can inspire others by doing so.

In case you didn’t pass (cross fingers), please do not stop reviewing. You will have a greater chance in the next exam if you continue your review after this exam. I will be writing more posts and I hope they will help you more.

Thank you very much for reading this blog. When you write something, you are inspired more to write knowing that many are reading what you have written. You are inspired more when you know that what you are writing about is helping others.

If you want to give back to this blog, the only way is to share it to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, social media and other ways. Please take a minute to share.

5 Things To Do A Day Before the Civil Service Exam

One of the most common mistakes examination takers do is to cram and do a lot of studying the day before the examination. If you think you have done enough review for the past days, you have to relax a day before the examination. Here are a few tips and things to do a day before the examination.

1.) Relax, don’t overdo the review.

Cramming one day before the examination will really not help you a lot, it may even be the reason why you will not pass the exam. During the last day of the examination, you can review a bit in the morning, but try to relax in the afternoon. Lie down on a sofa and listen to soothing music,  go out and watch the sunset, or watch a movie at home with family and friends. » Read more

Future Plans; Post Requests, Comments?

Spring is coming, and I am going back to academic work in a week. When the Civil Service Examination is over, I will be slowing down my posts (maybe 3x a week only) to focus more on my academic life.

For those who are curious, or those who are thinking to take me out for a cup of coffee in case you pass the examination, I am afraid it is not possible (hehe). I have been out of the country for quite a while. I am studying abroad under a scholarship, so we will have to postpone the ‘coffee thing’ until I come back.  🙂 For now, I am going to tell you about my future plans for this blog. These are some of them. » Read more

6 Things To Do Two Weeks Before the Civil Service Exam

It’s two weeks before the exam! I am sure you are all excited (big big smile from me).  However, before you sink yourself in the upcoming Civil Service Review fever, let me give you some tips on how to make your review more organized. Here are the 6 things that I recommend you do in the next two weeks. It’s not a guarantee that you will pass (cross fingers), but I hope they help.

1. Make a Review Schedule

Make a table that will contain your review schedule for the next two weeks. Focus on a particular topic at each time frame. For example, tomorrow, from 6:00-9:00 pm, review about equations. Just all about equations. » Read more

CSC extends deadline of application for April 2014 written exams

The Civil Service Commission has announced that the deadline for application for written exams for April 2014 has been extended. The deadline was moved from February 20 to February 27, 2014.

The extension includes both the Professional and SubProfessional written examinations. The CSC will administer the examinations in 52 testing centers on April 6, 2014.

The Civil Service Examination is held 2-3 times a year for aspiring government employees in the Philippines. The examinations is held every April and October and sometimes December.

Source: Civil Service Commission Website

December 2013 Civil Service Examination CSE PPT Results

The December 15, 2013 Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test (CSE PPT Results) can now be viewed in the Civil Service Commission website. To view the PDF file of passers for each region, click the links below.

Career Service Professional Examination Passers

Regions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7/8, 9, 10, 11, 12, NCR, CAR, CARAGA, ARMM

Career Service Subprofessional Examinations Passers

Regions: 1234567/89101112NCRCARCARAGAARMM

Congratulations to all passers.

Source: Civil Service Commission website.

The Civil Service Commission Contact Numbers

The Civil Service Examination is three months ahead, and if you have any questions about these exams, you might want to check their website. If you need to contact them directly, you can use the numbers below. These numbers are in Metro Manila, so if you are living outside the city, it will be a long distance call.

Civil Service Commission Contact Numbers

CSC Trunklines: (02)831-8092/ (02) 931-7939/ (02) 931-7935

Mamamayan Muna Action Center: (02) 951-2575 / (02) 951-2576

Hotline: (02) 932-0111

Text CSC: 0917-TextCSC (09178398272)

Last Update: January 26, 2014

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