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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 11

This is the eleventh part of the Civil Service Vocabulary Review series of Ph Civil Service Reviewer. In this series, we discuss the words that commonly appear in English vocabulary examinations. The other parts of this series can be found in this blog’s English page. Most of the meanings of the words below were taken from and Merriam Webster. I have simplified some of… Read More »

English Grammar Mock Quiz 1 – July to August

As you have observed, I am a new writer here at Ph Civil Service. I will be writing articles on Grammar and Correct Usage. 🙂 In the past month, I have discussed subject-verb agreement, how to identify pronouns, how to use the personal pronouns I and me, and contractions. Below is a mock quiz of all these topics.… Read More »

An, An, and The Quiz

We already have learned to use the articles‘a’ ‘an’ or ‘the’ . Here is a review quiz about their usage. Another quiz is also available here. Instructions: Fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences using either ‘a’ ‘an’ or ‘the’ where necessary. Click the + sign under each question to reveal the correct answer. 1. It… Read More »

How to Use Contractions

We use contractions to make our conversations more fluid. It can also be engaging and user-friendly. I am sure there are more reasons but these are just mainly what contractions are for. Although grammatically correct, these are only use informally. Example instead of saying : 1. “We have arrived.” Use instead “We’ve arrived.” 2. “I… Read More »

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 8

This is the 8th part of the Grammar and Correct Usage series for the Civil Service Examination. Enjoy and have fun learning. Fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences with the most appropriate word (s). 1. If we had gone to bed early last night, we _______rested enough. a. would have b. should… Read More »

Identifying Nouns and Pronouns

In this post, we are going to learn how to identify nouns and pronouns. You might say that this is very basic, but it is important since nouns and pronouns are usually the subject of the sentence. Identifying the subject can be useful. For example, once you identified the subject, you will now which correct… Read More »

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