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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 14

This is the PCSR 14th vocabulary reviewer. 1.) gullible – adjective Easily deceived or tricked, credulous, naïve, exploitable Example: The Budol-Budol group is now in jail for scamming gullible senior citizens. 2.) abyss – noun Bottomless gulf or pit, extremely deep hole Example: While standing on a cliff to capture his perfect shot, he dropped… Read More »

Tips and Tricks in Answering Word Analogy Questions Part 1

Analogy is one of the types of questions that is always included in the Civil Service Examination, both professional and sub-professional. This type of question is one of the trickiest questions in English. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the tips that you can use in answering this type of question.… Read More »

The Word Analogy Tutorial Series

In the previous three posts, we have discussed methods and strategies on answering word analogy questions. In this post, we are going to summarize what we have learned. This is the Word Analogy Tutorial Series. How to Answer Word Analogy Questions Part 1 uses double word analogy question as an example to answer basic questions on… Read More »

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