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Understanding Conditionals III: Third Conditional

by Nigina Dustova We use the Third Conditional to talk about an event or situation that did not happen in the past: Conditional clause main clause If + Past Perfect – would + Perfect If David had been more careful, he wouldn’t have fallen. If you hadn’t made the mistake, you’d have passed your test.… Read More »

Undrestanding Conditionals II: Second Conditional

In the previous post, we have written about First Conditional. In this post, we continue this series by talking about Second Conditional. We use Second Conditional for unlikely situations in the present or future: Conditional clause –  Main clause If + Past Simple – would If I had a million pounds, I would probably buy… Read More »

Understanding Conditionals I: First Conditional

We use First Conditionals to talk about events which are possible. The Conditional clause can refer to the present or the future. Conditional clause main clause If + Present Simple – will + bare infinitive If we hurry, we’ll catch the bus. If we miss it, there’ll be another one. The Conditional clause can come… Read More »

Grammar Tutorial: What are Dangling Modifiers?

Written by Nigina Dustova Dangling modifiers occur when a modifier does not modify the subject of the main clause. Dangling modifiers usually occur at the beginnings of the sentences.  Sentences have to be rewritten to correct the dangling modifier. Examples: 1) Incorrect: After a long search, the robber was caught. Note: The robber was not looking… Read More »

Grammar Tutorial: Past Progressive Tense

Written by Leny Ortega Past Progressive Tense of the verb is used when something was going on before another action happened. Remember, these two actions are both in the past. Only the action that was going on uses the past progressive tense while the other action uses the simple past tense. 1st past action (on-going)            … Read More »

Perfect Tenses: Summary and Quiz

Written by Leny Ortega In the previous posts, I have summarized the simple tenses. In this post, we summarize the perfect tenses. Review exercises are provided below to assess your mastery of the lesson. Perfect tenses have three types: Present perfect, Past perfect and future perfect. The present perfect tense denotes actions that began in the… Read More »

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