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Dividing Positive and Negative Integers

In the previous post on integers, we have learned the rules in multiplying positive integers and negative integers. In this post, we are going to learn how to divide positive and negative integers. If you have observed, in the post on subtracting integers, we have converted the “minus sign” to a “plus negative sign.” I… Read More »

A Teaser on Answering Number Series Questions

First of all, I would like to point out the term series in the “Number Series” questions in the Civil Service Examinations is a bit incorrect. Technically, the list of numbers in the examinations is actually called a sequence.  A series is a sequence of sums — well, I will not go into details since… Read More »

Solutions to Practice Test on Multiplying Integers

Recall the rules on multiplying integers. Multiplying two with the like signs (negative and negative or positive and positive) gives a positive product. Multiplying two numbers with unlike signs gives a negative product. 1. -4 x -8 = 32 2. 3 x -7 = -21 3. -12 x -7 = 84 4. -8 x -1… Read More »

Practice Test on Multiplying Integers

In the previous post, we have learned the rules in multiplying integers.  Below is a 10-item practice test on multiplying integers. Note that in multiplication, we can use the x and () symbols in multiplying two numbers. This means that 3 x 4 is the same as 3 (4) and (3)(4). We will use both… Read More »

How to Multiply Signed Numbers

In the two previous post in Mathematics, we have discussed how to add and subtract signed numbers. In this post, we are going to learn how to multiply signed numbers particularly integers. Signed means positive and negative. Positive Integer x Positive Integer Clearly, the product is positive. We had been multiplying positive integers since Grade… Read More »

Solutions to Subtracting Integers Practice Test

Blow are the solutions to the Civil Service Exam subtracting integers practice test.  As I have mentioned before, you do not have to memorize the rules of subtraction. All you have to do is convert it to addition. We can do this by converting a subtraction of integers problem  to addition of integers by changing the… Read More »

Civil Service Practice Test on Subtracting Integers

Three days ago, we have learned how to subtract positive and negative integers or signed numbers. In this post, I am going to give you a practice test on subtracting integers. For convenience, I have colored the negative signs blue instead of raising them to an exponent. 1. 12 – 23 2. –21 -(–4) 3. 17… Read More »

How to Subtract Positive and Negative Integers

This is the continuation of the series of Civil Service review in mathematics particularly on operations of integers. In this post, we are going to discuss the most complicated operation on integers. I have taught people of all ages about this topic and it seems that for many, this is the most difficult among the… Read More »

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