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Solutions to Practice Exercises on Addition of Integers

We have learned how to add integers and in the previous post, I have given you practice exercises that you can use to evaluate your understanding of the topic. Below is the complete solutions to the practice exercises on adding integers. Share to me how many did you get right. Solutions to Practice Exercises on… Read More »

Practice Exercises on Addition of Integers

In the previous post, we have learned about adding positive and negative integers particularly on how to add integers with different signs. In this post, I am going to give you 10 exercises on adding integers. I will give the answers below for you to be able to check if your answers are correct. Also,… Read More »

How to Add Positive and Negative Integers

One of the topics in basic mathematics  that will likely be included in the the Philippine Civil Service Exam both professional and subprofessional are operations on integers. Although a few Civil Service test items may be given from this topic,  it is important that you master it because a lot of calculation in other topics… Read More »

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