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Practice Exercises on Subtraction of Integers

To answer the exercises below, it is assumed that you have already finished reading addition of integers and subtraction of integers. In subtraction of integers, we have learned two rules: (1) a – b = a + (-b) (2) a – (-b) = a + b We will use these rules in answering the exersises… Read More »

Four Effective Techniques in Adding Integers

We have already discussed addition of integers. In this post, I am going to discuss four different techniques in adding integers. Adding Numbers with the Same Sign In adding integers with the same sign, we just add them and then copy the sign. For example, in adding 2 + 8, 2 and 8 are positive integers,… Read More »

Solving Word Problems by Working Backwards: Summary

In the previous posts, I have shown to you a series on how to solve word problems by working backward.  Although I recommend that you learn this method, it is also very important to learn algebraic methods and others since some problems are difficult to solve by working backward. Below are the posts in this series. How… Read More »

Practice Exercises on Subtracting Decimals

We have already learned how to add and subtract numbers with decimals. In this post, we practice subtracting decimals. Recall that in subtracting decimals, the decimal points should be aligned. Practice Exercises 1.) 2.32 – 1.82 2.) 6.71 – 3.9 3.) 6 – 0.52 4.) 5.03 – 4.25 5.) 0.53 – 0.33 6.) 4 –… Read More »

How to Solve Quadratic Problems Part 2

In the previous post, we have used quadratic equations to solve a word problem involving consecutive numbers. In this post, we discuss more quadratic problems. This is the second problem in the series. Problem 2 Miel is 12 years older than Nina. The product of their ages is 540. Solution Let x = age of Nina… Read More »

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