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PEMDAS Rules Practice 1 Solutions

Below are the solutions and answers to the problems in PEMDAS Rules Practice 1. Notice that I have color coded the solution to guide you which operation results to which answer. I have also varied the notations like / and ÷ to familiarize you with both of them. In addition, I have also included operations on… Read More »

Real Number Operations and PEMDAS Practice Test 1

In the previous post, you have learned the PEMDAS rules or the rules in performing arithmetic operations namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In this post, you will practice to see if you have mastered these rules. I have mixed the notations so that you will be familiarized with all of them. For example, can also… Read More »

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1 Answers

Below are the answers to the Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1. The incorrect verb in each sentence is highlighted red and the correct verb in the corrected sentence is highlighted green. An explanation follows every correction.  Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1 Answers 1. My brother or my sister are arriving tomorrow. Correct sentence:  My brother or… Read More »

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1

The subject-verb agreement is one of the basic rules in grammar and correct usage. It is important that you master this rule if you want to pass the Civil Service Examination.  The basic rule in the subject-verb agreement is that a singular subject requires a singular verb and a plural subject requires a plural verb.… Read More »

Answers to Practice Test on Dividing Integers

Below are the answers and the explanations of the Practice Test on Dividing Integers. Note that as mentioned in the post Dividing Positive and Negative Integers, the rules in dividing integers as well as real numbers are the following: (1) positive number ÷ positive number = positive number (2) positive number ÷ negative number =… Read More »

Practice Test on Dividing Integers

In the previous post we have discussed how to divide integers. Operations on real numbers, particularly integers, is one of the scopes of the Civil Service Examinations both Professional and Subprofessional.  You must master these operations because you will use them in solving equations and word problems in Algebra.  Test your skill by answering the… Read More »

Solutions to Practice Test on Multiplying Integers

Recall the rules on multiplying integers. Multiplying two with the like signs (negative and negative or positive and positive) gives a positive product. Multiplying two numbers with unlike signs gives a negative product. 1. -4 x -8 = 32 2. 3 x -7 = -21 3. -12 x -7 = 84 4. -8 x -1… Read More »

Practice Test on Multiplying Integers

In the previous post, we have learned the rules in multiplying integers.  Below is a 10-item practice test on multiplying integers. Note that in multiplication, we can use the x and () symbols in multiplying two numbers. This means that 3 x 4 is the same as 3 (4) and (3)(4). We will use both… Read More »

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