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Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 7

This is the seventh part of the Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz Series. Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 7 Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word. 1. The group insisted on an investigation of ___ member’s dismissal and threatened to sue the company. a.) its b.) their c.) there d.) it’s 2. People with _____ problems are likely to… Read More »

Greatest Common Factor Quiz

After learning How to Get the Greatest Common Factor of Two Numbers, let’s have a quiz! The greatest common factor is used to reduce a fraction to lowest terms, so I included such items on the quiz below. To reduce a fraction to lowest terms, get the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator, and… Read More »

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 3

After answering Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 1 and Quiz 2, let me continue the series with the quiz below. Some of the answers below have brief explanations. Some of the answers that can you can easily look up at a dictionary are not explained. Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 3 1. Many anime nowadays are not good for children… Read More »

Rectangle Area Quiz

This is the conclusion of the Solving Problems on Rectangle Area Series. In the first part, we have discussed the intuition basics of rectangle area formula and solved basic problems about it. In the second part, we have solved more complicated rectangle area problems. In this post, you are allowed to test what you have learned in… Read More »

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