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How to Solve Mixture Problems Part 1

If you have followed this blog, then you would know that we have been tackling a lot of math word problems. In this series, we will learn to solve another type of math word problem called mixture problems. Mixture problems are easy if you know how to set up the equation. Mixture problems can be… Read More »

Video Series: How to Solve Number Problems Mentally

Last year, I have written a tutorial on How to Solve Number Problems Mentally. This article has been turned into a math tutorial video in Youtube under the Sipnayan channel. Sipnayan is a Youtube Channel which contains math tutorial videos in Tagalog. Embedded below are the three videos in the series. Part 1 solves the… Read More »

How to Solve Digit Problems Part I

Digit Problems is one of the word problems in Algebra. To be able to solve this problem, you must understand how our number system works. Our number system is called the decimal number system because the numbers in each place value is multiplied by powers of 10 (deci means 10). For instance, the number 284 has digits… Read More »

The Fraction-Decimal-Percent Conversion Series

If you are having a hard time converting fractions to decimals and vice versa, converting fraction to percent and vice versa, and converting decimal to percent and vice versa, you can read the posts below. I will be creating practice tests with complete solutions later, so stay posted. How to Convert Fraction to Decimals (Quiz) How… Read More »

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