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Video Series: How to Solve Number Problems Mentally

Last year, I have written a tutorial on How to Solve Number Problems Mentally. This article has been turned into a math tutorial video in Youtube under the Sipnayan channel. Sipnayan is a Youtube Channel which contains math tutorial videos in Tagalog. Embedded below are the three videos in the series. Part 1 solves the… Read More »

Video Series: How to Solve Consecutive Number Problems

PH Civil Service Review partners with the Sipnayan Youtube Channel in order to teach the basic concepts of mathematics easily. These tutorials are explained in mixed Tagalog and English, so viewers would be able to understand more. Below is one of the video series in the Sipnayan Youtube channel: a series of tutorials on how… Read More »

How to Solve Consecutive Number Problems Part 1

This is the first of the Solving Consecutive Number Series, a series of post discussing word problems about consecutive numbers. Consecutive numbers are numbers that follow each other in order. In number problems in Algebra, consecutive numbers usually have difference 1 or 2. Below are the types of consecutive numbers, consecutive numbers – 5, 6, 7, 8,… Read More »

8 Tagalog Video Tutorials on Solving Age Problems

If you are not patient with reading long articles and you have a fast internet, you might want to check out the Solving Age Problems Video Series (see list below). These videos series has 8 videos which contain detailed explanations and solutions to various age problems discussed in the Ph Civil Service Review’s Solving Age Problems… Read More »

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