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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 4

This is the fourth Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review. This review series consists of the most commonly used words in vocabulary exams both local an international.   I have simplified their meanings and use them in a sentence.  Although you can memorize their meanings,  it is more effective if you use them in a sentence whenever possible and appropriate. Get a notebook and write your sentence or use the comment box below.

1. arid – with very little rain or moisture, extremely dry

In the recent climate change, in some countries, the farmers could not grown anything on the lands that had become arid. In some countries, though, it has been raining and flooding a lot.

2. conformist – a person who complies or follows tradition and usual practices (manners, religion, dress, etc).

Being a conformist is good most of the time. But sometimes you must learn how to take risks.   Continue Reading

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 3

 This is the third of the Civil Service Exam Vocabulary review series. In this series, I am going to discuss the most popular words used in vocabulary examinations. Hopefully, some of these words will come up the next time you take the Civil Service Examination.

Aside from memorizing these words, I suggest that you use them in sentences. Write sentences using these words. If you will memorize these words without using them, it is likely that you will forget them sooner or later.

1. boisterous – noisy, rough, and energetic

Sample Sentence: The sound of her boisterous laughter was disturbing everyone.

2. camaraderie – a feeling of friendship to a group; good-fellowship

Sample Sentence: One of the most valuable things you learn in school aside from academic lessons is camaraderie. Continue Reading

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 2

Vocabulary is one of the main parts of the Civil Service Examination.  In this Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review series of posts, I am going to list the most popular vocabulary words used in examinations and their meaning. I have also written at least one sample sentence for each word.

Commonly Used Words in Examinations

1. abdicate – to give up a throne or right, power, or claim in a formal manner.

Sample Sentence: Edward VIII abdicated his throne to be with the woman he loved.

2. candor – the quality of being frank, sincere, and honest

Sample sentence: Everyone was surprised by the candor of his speech because he usually evades questions. Continue Reading

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 1

As in any examination, of course, the sets of questions change, so it is impossible to know what are the vocabulary words that will appear in the next Civil Service Exam. However, in vocabulary exams, there are also some  word favorites.  In this series of vocabulary review, I am going to discuss some of the words that usually appear in examinations. I suggest that you do not just memorize them. To remember them better, write your own sentence using these words and speak them whenever you have a chance.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 

1. alleviate – to make easier to endure, to lessen

Sample Sentence: After this operation, take three tablets everyday to alleviate the pain.

2. amicable – friendly, showing good will

Sample Sentence: After so many years of battle in courts, the two families finally agreed on an amicable settlement. Continue Reading