Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Quiz

Possessive pronouns and adjectives both show ownership. The difference is that possessive pronouns are usually used after the noun (e.g. mine, yours, hers) while possessive adjectives come before it (e.g. my, your, her). Look at the following examples to see the difference. Possessive Adjective: The red car is her car. Possessive Pronoun: The red car is… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions about Civil Service Exams

Since the PH Civil Service Reviewer Facebook Page (please Like it) is asked by the same set of questions repeatedly, I have decided to create a Frequently Asked Questions page about the Civil Service Examination. Note that all these information are summarized from the official page of the Civil Service Exam. Warning: As the CSC may change any… Read More »

Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms Quiz

Reducing fractions to lowest terms is important in solving problems involving fractions. You need to reduce fractions to lowest terms in order to reduce the large numbers to smaller numbers to ease calculations. In addition, in most exams, answers should be in lowest terms. You might also want to answer the practice exercises on reducing fractions to… Read More »

Grammar Quiz on Irregular Verbs

Choose the irregular verb that completes each sentence. You can see the correct answer by clicking the + button after the choices. Good luck. Grammar Quiz – Irregular Verbs 1. Anne has _____ a very beautiful portrait. a.) draw b.) drawed c.) drew d.) drawn 2. Can you pay for me now? I ____ I brought my wallet but I didn’t. a.) think b.) thinked… Read More »

MDAS Quiz with Solution

The order of operations namely multiplication, division, addition or subtraction or more popularly known as MDAS or PEMDAS is one of the most basic concepts in mathematics and yet many people are totally confused about it. Here is a 15-item quiz with solution to further your understanding about MDAS. Note that the rules are 1.) perform… Read More »

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