How to Answer Paragraph Organization Tests Part 3

This is the third part and the conclusion of How to Answer Paragraph Organization Tests Series. In the first part, we have learned how to strategically order random sentences into a coherent paragraph, and, in the second part, we have learned how to make use of the choices in Paragraph Organization questions to increase the… Read More »

2014 POE and FOE Exam Results and Site Updates

The March 2, 2014 Penology Officer Examination (POE) and Fire Officer Examination) are now available at the website of the Philippine Civil Service organization. Site Updates It is now possible to ask questions and answer questions at the forum. You can register for free. Our site is now cleaner and easier to navigate. We have… Read More »

How to Change Your Forum Password

In the previous post, I mentioned one good news — that you can now participate in the Forum page of this website. In that page, you can ask questions and also answer questions made by other participants. The page is still in the testing phase, but you can already use it. To use the Forum,… Read More »

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