Discount Problem Quiz

After learning the how to solve discount problems and the strategies how to solve them, it is now your turn to solve discount problems.

Discount Problem Quiz

Solve each problem as fast as you can. You can check your answer by clicking the red + button after each question.

1. You were walking and saw the following sign in a shoe shop. How much is the discount and sale price of a shoes worth Php1600.00? discount problems

discount is 640 pesos, sale price is 960 pesos

2. A coffee shop label its 1 cup of frappuccino 10% discount. If 1 cup of frappucino costs Php150, how much will the customer pay upon ordering?  » Read more

Strategies in Solving Discount Problems

In the previous post, we have learned how to solve discount problems. In this post, I am going to teach you some strategies that will make solving faster. We know the Civil Service Examinations, as well as other examinations, are always under time pressure. Being able to solve problems fast will be a great advantage.

We are going to solve the same problems, only this time, we are going to use strategies that would be able to make solving discount problems faster. You are probably wondering why I didn’t teach this strategy the first time. The answer is, you have to know the basics first, so if you forgot your strategy or shortcut, you can always go back to the long method.

Sample Problem 1

A movie DVD which costs 600 is marked “25% off.” What is the discount? What is its sale price?  » Read more

How to Solve Discount Problems

The Civil Service Examinations offer various types of math problems which may change from one examination to another. Two types of math problems that will likely appear are discount and interest problems. In this post, we will tackle discount problems.

The tag price that you see on items are their marked price. The sale price is the price that you pay after the discount has been made. If an item costs Php100 (marked price) and has a 10% discount, then you have to subtract the 10% of 100 from 100. Therefore, that item will cost Php100 – Php10 = Php90. Php90 is the sale problems

Note that in solving discount problems, you must know how to convert percent to decimals.  You need to convert percent to decimals (just divide by 100) in order to perform the calculation.  » Read more

Grammar Quiz – Articles (a, an, the)

Articles are basically adjectives. They modify nouns. There are three articles namely a, an, and the.  The is used to refer to something specific or particular. It is called a definite article. A and an refer to something non-specific or non-particular. They are called indefinite articles.


* Please give me the newspaper. In this sentence, the speaker refers to only one news paper.
* Please give me a newspaper. In this sentence, there are many news papers. The speaker doesn’t care what newspaper.
* An amateur chess player won the world championship match. In this sentence, an amateur player is a non-specific player; however, the world championship match is a specific championship game.

» Read more

Grammar Quiz – There, Their, and They’re

There is used for naming a place, a thing, or the existence of something.

* There‘s food on the table.
* I have been there twice.

Their is used to show possession.

* That is their car.
* Their store is located near a mall.

They’re is a contraction of they are.

* I hope they’re safe. (I hope they are safe).
* They’re not attending the party. (They are not attending the party). » Read more

Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Quiz

Possessive pronouns and adjectives both show ownership. The difference is that possessive pronouns are usually used after the noun (e.g. mine, yours, hers) while possessive adjectives come before it (e.g. my, your, her). Look at the following examples to see the difference.

Possessive Adjective: The red car is her car.

Possessive Pronoun: The red car is hers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Civil Service Exams

Since the PH Civil Service Reviewer Facebook Page (please Like it) is asked by the same set of questions repeatedly, I have decided to create a Frequently Asked Questions page about the Civil Service Examination. Note that all these information are summarized from the official page of the Civil Service Exam.

Warning: As the CSC may change any rule or information in the link above any time, the information below may not be always up-to-date. Make sure to go the to official web page given above if the data you need is crucial or important.

Frequently Asked Questions in Civil Service Exam

1.) What is the Philippine Civil Service Exam?

The Civil Service Exam or the Career Service Examination is a set of examinations for people who want to work as  government employee in the Philippines. Most positions in the government require Civil Service eligibility; that is, require persons who passed the CSE.  » Read more

Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms Quiz

Reducing fractions to lowest terms is important in solving problems involving fractions. You need to reduce fractions to lowest terms in order to reduce the large numbers to smaller numbers to ease calculations. In addition, in most exams, answers should be in lowest terms.

You might also want to answer the practice exercises on reducing fractions to lowest terms with complete solutions.

1. \displaystyle \frac{16}{24}


» Read more

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