Alphabetizing Quiz 4

File the following correctly. Item 01 1) Analiza B. Viray 2) Annaliza C. Vicencio 3) Mary Ann D. Santiago 4) Carmela M. Santos 5) Janice O. Yap a) 3-4-2-1-5 b) 3-4-1-2-5 c) 3-4-1-5-2 d) 3-4-5-1-2 e) 3-1-4-5-2 Item 02 1) Lily O. Allen 2) Mandy N. Perez 3) Gigi F. Hadid 4) Madison T. Reyes 5)… Read More »

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 4 – Set 2

This is the PCSR fourth vocabulary reviewer. 1.) Tempestuous – adjective Stormy, violent, wild Their slight misunderstanding turned into a tempestuous argument. 2.) Bovine – adjective Dull, slow Nothing can rush Myra; she still acts in a bovine manner even in a middle of an emergency. 3.) Caulk – verb Seal, block, waterproof I immediately… Read More »

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 3

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 3 Week 3: October 9 – October 15, 2017 PART I: MATHEMATICS A. Subtraction of Fractions Youtube Tutorial Videos (Taglish) Lesson 1: Subtraction of Similar Fractions Lesson 2: Subtraction of Fractions (Dissimilar Fractions) Lesson 3: Subtraction of Fractions (Mixed Fractions) Lesson 4: Subtraction of Mixed Fractions Part 1 (Shortcut) Lesson… Read More »

Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 6 – Set 2

In each item, identify the word with incorrect spelling. Item 01 a. definitly b. unpublished c. parallel d. exhilarate e. None of the above. Item 02 a. metaphor b. excede c. thunderstorm d. mechanical e. None of the above. Item 03 a. tendentious b. posthumous c. severe d. reciept e. None of the above. Item… Read More »

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Janna D. De Pedro b) Merida O. Alimo-ong c) Neil F. Ag-bon d) Mildred N. Delos Santos e) Guillermo P. Delos Reyes 2) a) Roel M. Magan-an b) Gener G. Quinta-cruz c) Jojo B. Dela Cruz d) Imee T. Tambo-on e) Ginny H. Dela Vega 3) a) Rose Anne… Read More »

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 3 – Set 2

This is the PCSR third vocabulary reviewer. 1. Confound – verb Confuse, puzzle “Ha! No one can confound Conan! He can solve any case in a short period of time!” Billy said after watching the whole episode of Detective Conan. 2. Gall – noun Irritation, bitterness Lucas was filled with gall after being rejected by… Read More »

Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 4

This is the fourth post in the Alphabetic Filing series. In this post, we are going to learn how to file those hyphenated and compound names. Rule 4 Hypenated and compound last names are treated as one word. Ignore the hypen (-) and file the two words as one unit. Consider the following examples: Luna… Read More »

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