PCSR Review Guide

1.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 1 – GCD, LCM, reducing fractions to lowest terms, subject-verb agreement.

2.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 2– Addition of similar fractions, addition of dissimilar fractions, simple tenses.

3.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 3 – Subtraction of fractions and perfect tenses.

4.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 4 – Multiplication and division of fractions, perfect tenses.

5.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 5 – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals; conversion among percent, decimals, and fractions, perfect progressive tenses.

6.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 6 – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers, conditionals.

Exercises: Addition of Integers Set 1, Subtraction of Integers Set 1, Multiplication of Integers Set 1, Division of Integers Set 1

7.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 7 – PEMDAS and order of operations

Exercises: PEMDAS Set 1

8.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 8 – Solving Equations, How to Answer Word Analogy Problems, Vocabulary

9.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 9 – Solving number problems mentally, solving number problems algebraically, solving consecutive number problems, vocabulary, use of a, an, and the and use of I and me.

10.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 10 – Solving age problems, vocabulary, tips on answering reading comprehension questions.

11.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 11 – Solving motion problems, vocabulary, subject-verb agreement practice tests.

12.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 12 – Work problems

13.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 13 – Patterns, Sequences, and Series

14.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 14 – Mixture Problems

15.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 15 – Area, how to answer paragraph organization questions

16.) PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 16 – Rate, base, and Percentage