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Week 3 Review: Practice Exercises and Problems

In the last post, we learned about addition and subtraction of mixed fractions.  To test your knowledge about these topics, answer the exercises and word problems below. The answer answers and solutions will be posted soon.

Practice Exercises 1

a.) 2 1/5 + 3 2/5
b.) 8 1/4 + 2 3/4
c.) 5 + 2 1/4
d.) 5 1/2 + 1/5
e.) 3 1/3 + 4 1/4 + 5 1/5

Practice Exercises 2

a.) 4 6/7 – 3/7
b.) 8 – 3/4
c.) 12 – 5 2/9
d.) 7 3/10 – 7/10
e.) 6 1/5 – 3/4
f.) 9 3/8 – 4 5/7

Practice Problems

1.) Leo’s family drank 1 3/5 liters of juice yesterday morning and 4/5 liters of juice yesterday afternoon. How much juice did Leo’s family drank in all yesterday?

2.) A train station is between a school and a clinic. The distance between the school and the clinic is 2 5/8 kilometers and the distance between the train station and the clinic is 1 5/6 kilometers. What is the distance between the school and the train station?

3.) A piece of iron rod weighs 2 5/6 kg and another piece weighs 17/8 kilograms. Which is heavier and by how much?

4.) Gina bought a pizza. She gave 3/8 of it to her kids and 1/4 to her neighbor. What part of the pizza was left?

5.) Jaime’s house is two rides away from school. The jeepney ride is 3 4/15 kilometers and the tricycle ride is 5/8 kilometers. How far is Jaime’s school from his house?

PCSR REVIEW SERIES WEEK 3: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Last week, we have learned how to add and subtract fractions. In this post, we are going to learn about addition of mixed fractions.

There are two strategies in addition and subtraction of mixed fractions. The first one is to add or subtract first the whole numbers (if possible), then add or subtract the fraction. The second is to convert the mixed fractions to improper fractions before performing addition or subtraction.

The following are the Youtube videos where you can learn how to add and subtract mixed fractions.

If you have time, I suggest that you watch the complete FRACTION SERIES here (24 videos):

Good luck!

Addition of Dissimilar Fractions

We have already learned Addition of Fractions, but we have not discussed much about addition of mixed numbers. The two videos below explains how to add mixed numbers.

Two methods are used in these tutorials. The first method involves adding the whole numbers first before adding the fractions.

I hope you find these videos helpful in the upcoming Civil Service Exam. This videos are to be uploaded in my Tagalog Math site titled Sipnayan. Continue Reading