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Solving Word Problems by Working Backwards: Summary

In the previous posts, I have shown to you a series on how to solve word problems by working backward.  Although I recommend that you learn this method, it is also very important to learn algebraic methods and others since some problems are difficult to solve by working backward. Below are the posts in this series.

How to Solve Word Problems by Working Backward Part 1 discusses solving number problems by working backward.  Two examples are given.

How to Solve Word Problems by Working Backward Part 2 discusses solving age problems by working backward. Two sample problems are solved in this post.

How to Solve Word Problems by Working Backward Part 3 discusses more complicated number problems. Two sample problems are discussed in this post.

If you are interested to solve more word problems, please visit the Word Problems page. It contains word problems about number, age, motion, work, discount and many more.


8 Tagalog Video Tutorials on Solving Age Problems

If you are not patient with reading long articles and you have a fast internet, you might want to check out the Solving Age Problems Video Series (see list below). These videos series has 8 videos which contain detailed explanations and solutions to various age problems discussed in the Ph Civil Service Review’s Solving Age Problems Series.

The video series starts with solving simple age problems mentally and gets more complicated as you go on. The last part of the series discusses how to solve age problems involving fractions.  The first video is shown below. Continue Reading