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7 Tips in Answering Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading comprehension questions is one of the types of test in the Civil Service Examination and is usually included in many Standard English tests. Reading comprehension questions are not very difficult, but they take a lot of time. However, with practice and correct strategy, you might be able to reduce the time you spend on the questions, increase your chance of passing the examination, and even get a high score. Below are some of the tips that you can use in answering reading comprehension questions.

7 Tips in Answering Reading Comprehension Questions

1.) Before reading the passage, read the questions first (not the choices). If you know the questions, then you can choose what to take note while reading.

2.) Pay attention to the first and last sentences in the each paragraph. Usually, those sentences state the main idea of the passage.

3.) Most passages have clues about the important ideas. Phrases like “note that,” “clearly,” and “do not overlook” give you hints on which ideas to focus on.

4.) Read ALL the choices. Do not rush answering if you think you found the correct answer. The next answer might be a better answer.

5.) Take note of the difference between the true answer and correct answer. Carefully read the passage and understand the ideas it communicates. Be sure that your answer is based on the passage and not your own opinion.

6.) Do not spend a lot of time in one question. If you cannot find the answer even if you refer to the passage, eliminate the obviously wrong choices, and choose your answer from the remaining choices.

7.) Review your answers. If you finished the exam early, go back to the questions where you have doubts. Reread the passage and answer the question.

I hope these tips can help you in your endeavor to pass the Civil Service Exam or any other exam for that matter. Good luck and share these tips to your friends.