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August 2017 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 9

PCSR 2017 CIVIL SERVICE EXAM REVIEW GUIDE 9 Week 9: May 28 – June 3 This is the ninth review guide for the Philippine Civil Service Review. In this guide, we will learn about PEMDAS and order of operations. We will also learn new sets of words in our Vocabulary review as well as a… Read More »

LCM and GCD Exercises Set 1

After learning about LCM and GCD in our PCSR Review Guide 1, let’s practice what we have learned by answering the exercises below. 1.) What is the LCM of 6 and 8? 2.) What is the LCM of 3, 4, and 9? 3.) Consider the following sequences: Sequence 1: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24,… Read More »

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