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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 17

This is the PCSR 17th vocabulary reviewer.

1.) abrade – verb

scrape, wear away by friction

Mina’s legs were abraded by rocks during their trekking.

2.) expropriate – verb

take possession of

Mr. Gomez questioned the government’s right to expropriate his land to build a housing project.

3.) forlorn – adjective

sad, lonely

Abandoned by his owner, the forlorn puppy sat and waited for their return.

4.) heinous – adjective

atrocious, extremely wicked

Senator Sanchez agreed to bring back the death penalty for heinous crimes.

5.) inane – adjective

silly, stupid

Gina was accosted by her supervisor for her inane remarks during the meeting.

6.) lampoon – verb

ridicule, satirize

The manager lampooned the employee’s idea.

7.) martinet – noun

strict disciplinarian, moralist

Miss Minchin was a martinet who demands discipline from her schoolgirls.

8.) nebulous – adjective

vague, hazy, cloudy

Rodel’s plan is as nebulous as the water in the pond. He can’t really tell what he’s up to.

9.) odyssey – noun

long, eventful journey

Alfred is reminiscing his odyssey from being an actor to a politician.

10.) polyglot – adjective

knowing or using several languages

JR is a polyglot. He’s been to many countries and has learned many different languages.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 16

This is the PCSR 16th vocabulary reviewer.

1. Altercation – Noun
Affray, fracas, noisy quarrel, heated dispute

Example: Lando and Rino’s altercation end in fist fight.

2. Brawn – Noun
Heftiness, muscularity, muscular strength

Example: It takes brawn to become a weightlifting champion like Hidilyn Diaz.

3. Charlatan – Noun
Fraud, deceiver, quack, pretender to knowledge

Example: When Alvin found out that the necklace that was sold to him was a fake, he became more suspicious to charlatans.

4. Debilitate – Verb
Make weak, enfeeble

Example: Misuse of drugs can debilitate the body.

5. Decrepit – Adjective
Worn out by age

Example: Angie said goodbye to her decrepit bag after receiving a new one.

6. Ethereal – Adjective
Light, heavenly, extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Example: The singer’s ethereal voice gave me goose bumps.

7. Exacerbate – Verb
Worsen, embitter, exasperate

Example: The problem in garbage exacerbated the flood.

8. Flinch – Verb
Hesitate, draw back, shrink

Example: The man faced the danger without flinching just to save his dog.

9. Gusto – Noun
Enjoyment, enthusiasm
Example: Michelle accepted the challenge with such gusto.

10. Impoverished – Adjective

Example: The war left the civilians impoverished and hopeless.

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