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2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 19

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 19
Week 19: February 5 – February 11, 2018

Lesson 1: Area of Rectangles – Concept and Formula
Lesson 2: Area of Rectangles – Sample Problems
Lesson 3: Area of a Square – Concept and Formula
Lesson 4: Area of a Square – Sample Problems
Lesson 5: Area of a Parallelogram – Concept and Formula
Lesson 6: Area of a Parallelogram – Sample Problems
Lesson 7: Area of a Triangle – Concept and Formula
Lesson 8: Area of a Triangle – Sample Problems
Lesson 9: Area of a Trapezoid – Concept and Formula
Lesson 10: Area of a Trapezoid – Concept and Formula
Lesson 11: Area of a Circle – Concept and Formula
Lesson 12: Area of a Circle – Sample Problems


Grammar Quiz – Is, It, Its, It’s
Grammar Quiz – Past, Present, Future Tenses
Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Quiz

Addition of Integers Exercises
Subtraction of Integers Exercises
Multiplication of Integers
Division of Integers

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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 17

This is the PCSR 17th vocabulary reviewer.

1. Scurrilous – Adjective
Scandalous, defamatory, libelous, offensive

Example: Once you enter the world of the show business, you should be ready to face the scurrilous attacks of your bashers.

2. Ebullient – Adjective
Showing excitement; cheerful and full of energy

Example: The host’s ebullient nature is contagious.

3. Primp – Verb
Groom oneself with care; tidy; spend time making minor adjustments to (one’s hair, makeup)

Example: The groom stood by nervously while his bride-to-be primped one last time before the mirror.

4. Expedite – Verb
Hasten; hurry; accelerate

Example: The client requested to expedite the delivery due to her tight schedule.

5. Affluence – Noun
Abundance; wealth

Example: The philanthropist uses his affluence to help people in need.

6. Consort – Noun
Husband or wife; or companion

Example: The search for a consort for the debutant ended happily.

7. Flout – Verb
Defy; break; disobey

Example: The protesters flouted all authority.

8. Gawk – Verb
Stare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe

Example: Ruben gawked at Sally as she walked down the stairs.

9. Haggle – Verb
Argue about the price; negotiate; bargain

Example: Although Gina is quite wealthy, she will haggle to save a peso.

10. Hoard – Verb
Stockpile; accumulate for future use; stock; store

Example: Whenever there are rumors of food shortage, many people are tempted to hoard food.

That’s all.

Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 12 – Set 2

In each item, identify the word with incorrect spelling.

Item 01

a. jealous
b. percieved
c. enthrone
d. popsicles
e. tornado

Item 02

a. termenated
b. inquiry
c. loquacious
d. solidify
e. extravagant

Item 03

a. vortex
b. trajectory
c. chlorophyll
d. stabillize
e. entity

Item 04

a. aspirations
b. alphabet
c. annonymous
d. belief
e. ridiculous

Item 05

a. compatible
b. assurrance
c. exercise
d. alias
e. bombastic

Item 06

a. mortgage
b. dilemma
c. adorable
d. apparatus
e. bankrupcy

Item 07

a. parrallel
b. adjacent
c. turmoil
d. hymn
e. pageant

Item 08

a. cockroach
b. beige
c. mysterious
d. accustomed
e. excell

Item 09

a. debris
b. counterfeit
c. disemminate
d. symmetry
e. mechanical

Item 10

a. kindle
b. playwright
c. merangue
d. suovenirs
e. colleagues


1. b – perceived
2. a – terminated
3. d – stabilize
4. c – anonymous
5. b – assurance
6. e – bankruptcy
7. a – parallel
8. e – excel
9. c – disseminate
10. d – souvenirs

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 9 – Set 2

This is the PCSR ninth vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Venerate – verb

Regard with feelings of respect and reverence; revere

After his beatification on March 2005, Pedro Calungsod is now venerated as a saint.

2.) Adumbrate – verb

To report or represent in an outline

The employees got excited after their supervisor adumbrated the

3.) Agglomerate – verb

A jumbled collection or mass; to pile or heap together

Nicole Hyala has an agglomeration of Hello Kitty stuff.

4.) Languid – adjective

Weak or faint from illness or fatigue; lacking spirit or liveliness

The heat makes me languid and dizzy.

5.) Votary – noun

One bound by vows to a religion or life of worship or service

A group of votaries organized a concert prayer.

6.) Terminus – noun

The final point or goal; end point

Taft Station is the terminus of MRT Line 1 when you’re from North Avenue.

7.) Somnolent – adjective

Sleepy; inclined to or marked by drowsiness

The piano sound had a somnolent effect to the baby.

8.) Valorous – adjective

Valiant; courageous; brave

Chief Angeles was promoted for his valorous action that prevented the robbery.

9.) Sumptuous – adjective

Splendid and expensive-looking; costly; lavish

“I’ll marry a prince someday and I will live in a huge palace!”, says the child after watching a fairy tale.

10.) Shriek – noun

Sharp piercing cry caused by agony or terror

The baby shriek as the nurse gave him a vaccination.

Alphabetizing Quiz 7

File the following correctly.

Item 01

a) One Up Grocery Store
b) Close Up Dental Clinic
c) Body Buddies Gym
d) Taste Buds Restaurant
e) Pink Wink Boutique

1) c-b-a-d-e
2) c-b-a-e-d
3) c-b-d-e-a
4) b-c-a-e-d
5) b-c-a-d-e

Item 02

a) Color Mix Paint Co.
b) Fe Libuon Salon
c) Munch Crunch Snack Bar
d) Manny Pacquiao Boxing Gym
e) Karen Rizaldo Accessories

1) a-b-e-d-c
2) a-b-e-c-d
3) a-e-b-d-c
4) b-a-e-d-c
5) b-a-e-c-d

Item 03

a) Vic Sotto Barber Shop
b) Shop and Ride Convenient Store
c) Purple Pockets Jeans Co.
d) Local Stuff Accessories
e) Apples and Peaches Healthy Drinks

1) e-b-c-d-a
2) e-d-b-c-a
3) e-d-a-c-b
4) e-d-c-b-a
5) e-d-c-a-b

Item 04

a) Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic
b) Color Ace Paint Co.
c) Skin Care Derm Clinic
d) Wonder Pets Vet Clinic
e) Spin and Fold Laundry Shop

1) d-a-e-c-b
2) d-a-c-e-b
3) b-c-a-e-d
4) b-a-c-d-e
5) b-a-c-e-d

Item 05

a) Pop Top Body Shop
b) Rica Rics Perfumes
c) Sunshine’s Lovely Spa and Salon
d) San Pedro’s Bakeshop
e) Juliana’s Scent Station

1) e-a-b-d-c
2) e-a-d-b-c
3) e-a-b-c-d
4) e-b-a-d-c
5) e-b-a-c-d

Item 06

a) Shapes and Colors Dress Shop
b) Chucks Men’s Gear
c) De Perez Mfg. Co.
d) Sneak and Peek Play Place
e) Elizabeth Co Company S-C-D-S-C

1) e-b-c-d-a
2) e-b-c-a-d
3) b-e-c-a-d
4) b-e-c-d-a
5) b-e-d-c-a

Item 07

a) Crystal Clear Mfg. Co.
b) Harry Potter Apparel
c) Michael Kors Prime Bags
d) Lilibeth Austria Manpower Services Inc.
e) Fluffy Squishy Toys Inc.

1) a-e-b-c-d
2) a-e-b-d-c
3) d-a-b-e-c
4) d-a-e-b-c
5) d-a-e-c-b

Item 08

a) One Up Computer Systems Inc.
b) Cherry Pop Costumes
c) Happy Feet Shoe Store
d) Don Mario’s Hardware
e) Go-nuts Donuts Inc.

1) b-d-e-a-c
2) b-d-e-c-a
3) d-b-e-c-a
4) d-b-e-a-c
5) d-e-b-c-a

Item 09

a) Basha and Popoy’s Lugawan
b) Perfect A Review Center
c) Infinite Steps Zumba Dance Class
d) Ruel Estacio Corp.
e) Helen Ortiz Online Shop

1) a-e-c-b-d
2) a-e-c-d-b
3) a-c-e-b-d
4) e-a-c-b-d
5) e-a-c-b-d

Item 10

a) Pink Panda Cafe
b) Stylish Cloth Mfg. Co.
c) Little Kettle Kitchenware
d) Blue Waves Resort
e) Safe Haven Hotel

1) c-d-e-a-b
2) c-d-a-b-e
3) c-d-a-e-b
4) d-c-a-e-b
5) d-c-a-b-e

Answer key:

1) 2 – c-b-a-e-d
2) 1 – a-b-e-d-c
3) 4 – e-d-c-b-a
4) 5 – b-a-c-e-d
5) 1 – e-a-b-d-c
6) 3 – b-e-c-a-d
7) 4 – d-a-e-b-c
8) 2 – b-d-e-c-a
9) 1 – a-e-c-b-d
10) 4 – d-c-a-e-b

Analogy Exercise 1

Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

1.) North : ____ :: Up : Down
a.) East
b.) South
c.) Left
d.) Middle
e.) Bottom

2.) One : Three  :: ____ : Nine
a.) Two
b.) Three
c.) Five
d.) Seven
e.) Nine

3.) Square : Four :: ____ : Seven
a.) Pentagon
b.) Parallelogram
c.) Heptagon
d.) Nonagon
e.) Pendragon

4.) _____ : Kabul :: Philippines : Manila
a.) Iraq
b.) Kyrgyzstan
c.) Nepal
d.) Afghanistan
e.) Oman

5.) Bishop : Chess :: _____ : Badminton
a.) Player
b.) Swing
c.) Shuttlecock
d.) Tennis
e.) Court

6.) Fur : ____ :: Petal : Flower
a.) Lion
b.) Coat
c.) Dress
d.) Cold
e.) Smooth

7.) Colony : Ants :: ____ : Penguins
a.) Colony
b.) Pack
c.) Herd
d.) School
e.) Company

8.) Bad : Egregious :: Loquacious : ____
a.) Good
b.) Shy
c.) Worst
d.) Silent
e.) Talkative

9.) Children : Child :: ____ : Ox
a.) Wolves
b.) Oxes
c.) Group
d.) Oxen
e.) Wolf

10.) ____ : Snake :: Bleat : Sheep
a.) Pipe
b.) Caw
c.) Hiss
d.) Bellow
e.) Squeak


1.) b. South – Relationship: Opposite
2.) b. Three – Relationship: Ratio and Proportion
3.) c. Heptagon – Relationship: Number of Sides
4.) d. Afghanistan – Relationship: Country capital
5.) c. Shuttlecock – Relationship: Part to whole
6.) a. Lion – Relationship: Part to whole
7.) a. Colony – Relationship: Collective name to animals
8.) e. Talkative – Relationship: Synonyms
9.) d. Oxen – Relationship: Plural to Singular
10.) c. Hiss – Relationship: Sounds to Animals