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Paragraph Organization Practice Test

Direction: The sentences below when properly arranged would make a well-developed paragraph. Arrange the sentences in such a way that the paragraph becomes a meaningful ordering of the sentences. Answer the questions that follow.

ITEMS # 1-4

A.) Because of that, he came into conflict with the Catholic Church, and he was eventually put on trial.
B.) This is essentially the view that the earth goes around the sun rather than vice versa.
C.) On that basis, he defended a view known as heliocentrism.
D.) Now this was in opposition to the prevailing view advocated by the Church, the geocentric view, the belief that the sun orbits the earth.
E.) Galileo uses the telescope, a new and imperfect technology at that time to make observations about the heavens.

1.) What should be the proper order of the sentences?
A.) D-C-B-A-E
B.) B-E-A-C-D
C.) C-D-A-B-E
D.) E-C-B-D-A

2.) Which should be the fourth sentence?
A.) Sentence A
B.) Sentence B
C.) Sentence C
D.) Sentence D

3.) Which should be the first sentence?
A.) Sentence E
B.) Sentence A
C.) Sentence B
D.) Sentence C

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Identifying Error Exercise

Direction: Each sentence consists of four underlined words or phrases. Identify the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. If there are no errors, choose “No error”. Encircle letter of your choice.

1.) Jasper and me went to the park to play soccer with our friends. No error.

A.) me
B.) went
C.) to play
D.) with
E.) No error.

2.) The duties of the council chair are to preside over meetings, monitoring the progress of the group and consulting with more senior officers on issues discussed in meetings. No error
A.) council chair
B.) to preside
C.) monitoring
D.) consulting
E.) No error.

3.) The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, and have the final decision on issues that matter the most. No error.
A.) is
B.) in the land
C.) have
D.) the most.
E.) No error.

4.) The value of the peso declines as the rate of inflation raises. No error.
A.) value
B.) declines
C.) as the
D.) raises.
E.) No error.

5.) Either Prof. Leloy Claudio or his fellow professors identifies as anti-communist. No error.
A.) either
B.) or
C.) his fellow professors
D.) identifies
E.) No error.

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LCM and GCD Exercises Set 2

Here are some Civil Service exam exercises on GCD and LCM.

1.) What is the GCD of 8, 20, and 28?

2.) What is the GCD of 21, 35, and 56?

3.) What is 18/54 in lowest terms?

4.) What is 38/95 in lowest terms?

5.) What is the LCM of 6 and 8?

6.) What is the LCM of 5, 6, and 12?

7.) What is the product of the LCM and the GCD of 4, 8, and 20?

8.) There are 18 red marbles and 27 blue marbles to be distributed among children. What is the maximum number of children that can receive the marbles if each kid receives the same number of marbles for each color and no marble is to be left over?

9.) In a school sportsfest, there are 60 Grade 4 pupils, 48 Grade 5 pupils and 36 Grade 6 pupils. What is the largest number of teams that can be formed if the pupils in each Grade level are equally distributed and no pupil is left without a team?

10.) In a disco, the red lights blink every 3 seconds and the blue lights blink every 5 seconds. If the two colored lights blink at the same time if you turn them on, they will blink at the same time every ___ seconds.

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Civil Service Exam Correct Usage Reviewer

Here are some multiple-choice Civil Service exam reviewers on Correct Usage.

Instruction: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word or phrase that will correctly complete each sentence.

1.) The musical play _______ we saw last night was fascinating.
A.) whose
B.) whom
C.) that
D.) since

2.) _______ the four candidates, Margot was chosen to become the school representative.
A.) Between
B.) Among
C.) Meanwhile
D.) Already

3.) I noticed that you don’t look too well. What is it that _______ you?
A.) ails
B.) ales
C.) aisles
D.) isles

4.) My teacher _______ I was absent last time when she _______ the lesson on Tirad Pass.
A.) taught, thought
B.) tot, thawed
C.) thought, taught
D.) thought, teached

5.) The envoy from Latvia handled the affair in a _______ fashion.
A.) discreet
B.) discrete
C.) discretely
D.) discreetly

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Civil Service Exam Synonyms Reviewer

Here are some multiple-choice Civil Service exam reviewers on synonyms.

Choose the letter that corresponds to the word closest in meaning to the bold and italicized word in the sentence.

1.) It is paradoxical to say that one can be patriotic and not patriotic at the same time.

A.) supportive
B.) contradictory
C.) energizing
D.) truthful

2.) Many false stories surfaced the author’s death but only those which are widely popular remained canonical.

A.) valuable
B.) meaningful
C.) engaging
D.) acceptable

3.) The five star general remained composed in his behaviour although a lot of logistical problems continued to fill his ranks.

A.) serene
B.) inspired
C.) thoughtful
D.) focused

4.) The football team remained enervated after the particularly difficult final match with the defending champions from Barotac.

A.) exhausted
B.) motivated
C.) calculating
D.) noisy

5.) The chief operating officer suggested a more pragmatic approach in dealing with the situation, relying more on results and outcomes.

A.) planned
B.) practical
C.) polite
D.) purposeful

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PDF Download: Integer Addition Practice Sheet

I have many requests to create downloadable files, so, I will be publishing downloadable files in PDF starting with the Integer Addition Practice Sheet below. You are allowed to print and share the file below (and future PDF files) via hard copy or email. However, you are not allowed to sell or publish them in print or upload them on websites of any kind (e.g. blogs).

In each worksheet, I will recommend the time limit to answer the questions. This way, you should be conscious of the time since the Civil Service Exam or any other exam is usually under time pressure.

I have also placed the answer key on a different page, so you don’t have to see it when answering the practice sheet on your computer.

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