Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 5

This is the fifth Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz in PH Civil Service Review. Good luck and enjoy learning.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 5

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. They _______ TV while I was cleaning the dishes.

a.) are watching
b.) was watching
c.) were watching
d.) had watched

c. were watching

2. James ____ in Manila for the past 8 years.

a.) stayed
b.) has stayed
c.) stays
d.) is staying  » Read more

PDF Download: Integer Addition Practice Sheet

I have many requests to create downloadable files, so, I will be publishing downloadable files in PDF starting with the Integer Addition Practice Sheet below. You are allowed to print and share the file below (and future PDF files) via hard copy or email. However, you are not allowed to sell or publish them in print or upload them on websites of any kind (e.g. blogs).

In each worksheet, I will recommend the time limit to answer the questions. This way, you should be conscious of the time since the Civil Service Exam or any other exam is usually under time pressure.

I have also placed the answer key on a different page, so you don’t have to see it when answering the practice sheet on your computer.

» Read more

Introduction to the Concept of Perimeter

Aside from Algebra problems, the Civil Service Examination also contains geometric problems. In this post, I am going to introduce you to the concept of perimeter.

The perimeter of a polygon is the total distance around it. If you have a rectangular pool, for example, and you start walking from one corner along its edge (as near as you can), until you reach the place where you started, then the distance you have walked is its perimeter. » Read more

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 1

This is the first of the series grammar mini quiz here in PH Civil Service Review. There are  grammar reviewers with answers and explanations on the English page. This page will test what you have learned so far.  The quiz is simple. One question, two choices.

This quiz is courtesy of Ken N Paula Nicolas of Mommy Said Daddy Said.



Practice Test on Multiplying Integers

In the previous post, we have learned the rules in multiplying integers.  Below is a 10-item practice test on multiplying integers. Note that in multiplication, we can use the x and () symbols in multiplying two numbers. This means that 3 x 4 is the same as 3 (4) and (3)(4). We will use both symbols in the practice test below to familiarize yourselves with them.  Any of the two symbols can be used in the Civil Service exams.

Practice Test on Multiplying Integers

1. -4 x -8

2. 3 x -7

3. -12 x -7

4.  -8 x -1 x -4 » Read more

What is the Philippine Civil Service Examination?

The Philippine Civil Service Examination is given by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to aspirants who want to work in the Philippine government. All government employees aside from a few exceptions (like passing selected board exams) are required to take the CSC Examination to be granted tenure.

There are two levels of Civil Service Examinations: Subprofessional and Professional. The Subprofessional level is for those who have finished 2-year courses or below. Those who have graduated 4-year courses or beyond are advised to take the Professional level.

The CSC examination is mainly composed of English and Mathematics proficiency. The other areas include Filipino, office filing and ethics, and Philippine constitution particularly Republic Act 6713.  As of this writing, the passing score of the CSC Examination is 80%.

This blog will serve as a Civil Service Reviewer for those who want to take the examination. I will be discussing questions that are similar to the examination and provide answers, detailed explanations, and tips. I will also give online mock exercises and examinations. In addition, I will also provide updates, links, and examination results.

For now, I will be discussing Mathematics and English subjects. The other subjects such as Philippine constitution will be discussed later by more qualified persons.

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