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Alphabetizing Quiz 6

File the following correctly. Item 01 a) Mngr. De Vera b) Mngr. De Leon c) Mngr. Dela Cruz d) Ms. Cervantes e) Mr. Cervacio 1) c-b-a-e-d 2) c-b-a-d-e 3) c-a-b-d-e 4) d-e-a-b-c 5) d-e-a-c-b Item 02 a) Dr. Gero b) Engr. Samonte c) Atty. Gregorio d) Fr. Ulpindo e) Arch. Dela Rosa 1) e-d-c-a-b 2) e-d-a-c-b 3)… Read More »

Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 6 – Set 2

Item 01 a. definitly b. unpublished c. parallel d. exhilarate e. None of the above. Item 02 a. metaphor b. excede c. thunderstorm d. mechanical e. None of the above. Item 03 a. tendentious b. posthumous c. severe d. reciept e. None of the above. Item 04 a. witless b. infamous c. vaccuum d. exculpate… Read More »

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