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Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 10

In the previous post we have learned how to file names with hyphen (-). In this post, we’ll deal with letters that are used together to form a name.

Rule 10 are used together to form a name, each letter is considered as a separate unit. Consider the following examples:

BIG Corporation
LUV Mfg.
ABC Industry

They are filed by unit as:

A B C Industry
B I G Corporation
L U V Manufacturing


Now, try these following exercise:

Exercise 1

HOT Coffee Shop
HOP Shop
HIT Club
HNW Apparel
HQQ Care

Exercise 2

BOB Shop
BIG Strike
BOT Robots
BEE Shirts
BOX Shop

Exercise 3

POP House
CAR Company
LRN Engineering
DEL Club
ESC Hotel

Answer to Exercise 1

H I T Club
H N W Apparel
H O P Shop
H O T Coffee Shop
H Q Q Care

Answer to Exercise 2

B E E Shirts
B I G Strike
B O B Shop
B O T Robots
B O X Shop

Answer to Exercise 3

C A R Company
D E L Club
E S C Hotel
L R N Engineering
P O P House

Alphabetizing Quiz 6

File the following correctly.

Item 01

a) Mngr. De Vera
b) Mngr. De Leon
c) Mngr. Dela Cruz
d) Ms. Cervantes
e) Mr. Cervacio

1) c-b-a-e-d
2) c-b-a-d-e
3) c-a-b-d-e
4) d-e-a-b-c
5) d-e-a-c-b

Item 02

a) Dr. Gero
b) Engr. Samonte
c) Atty. Gregorio
d) Fr. Ulpindo
e) Arch. Dela Rosa

1) e-d-c-a-b
2) e-d-a-c-b
3) e-c-b-a-d
4) e-c-a-b-d
5) e-a-c-d-b

Item 03

a) Masayahin St.
b) Tullahan Brg.
c) Cor. Timog St.
d) Sinamay Ave.
e) Rainbow Vlg.

1) c-e-a-d-b
2) c-a-e-d-b
3) c-a-e-b-d
4) c-a-d-e-b
5) c-a-b-d-e

Item 04

a) Capt. Mirasol
b) Chief Gomez
c) Sgt. Tobias
d) Lt. Ismael
e) Ofc. Diaz

1) b-a-e-d-c
2) b-a-d-c-e
3) b-a-d-e-c
4) a-b-c-e-d
5) a-b-d-e-c

Item 05

a) Ph. 5A Sampaguita Block
b) Brgy. San Sebastian
c) Bliss Subd.
d) Pipit Cor. Lemon St.
e) Dagohoy Rd.

1) c-b-e-d-a
2) c-b-e-a-d
3) b-c-e-a-d
4) b-c-e-d-a
5) b-c-a-e-d

Item 06

a) Mr. Torres
b) Ofc. Coronel
c) Lt. Ruben
d) Gen. Carbonel
e) Rev. Del Rey

1) d-c-a-b-e
2) d-c-a-e-b
3) d-c-b-a-e
4) d-b-e-c-a
5) d-b-e-a-c

Item 07

a) Crystal Clear Mfg. Co.
b) MYX Ink Refill Sta.
c) JD Corp.
d) ABC Paint Inc.
e) Purple Pin Co.

1) d-a-c-b-e
2) d-a-c-e-b
3) a-d-e-c-b
4) a-d-c-e-b
5) a-d-e-b-c

Item 08

a) Brgy. Pulang Lupa
b) No. 2 Blk. 4 Red Heights Vlg.
c) Taft Sta.
d) Cherry Blossom Ville
e) Villa Miranda Subd.

1) a-e-b-c-d
2) a-c-b-d-e
3) a-d-b-c-e
4) a-d-b-e-c
5) a-d-c-b-e

Item 09

a) St. Claire
b) Bro. Tony
c) Rev. Quijano
d) Prof. Lucas
e) Sis. Belen

1) a-e-c-d-b
2) a-e-d-b-c
3) a-e-d-c-b
4) b-d-c-e-a
5) b-d-c-a-e

Item 10

a) Blk. A, Parrot St.
b) Brgy. Ginebra
c) Ph. 3, Cor. Parrot St.
d) Roxas Blvd.
e) Ayala Ave.

1) e-d-a-c-b
2) e-a-d-c-b
3) e-b-a-d-c
4) e-b-a-c-d
5) e-a-b-c-d

Answer key:

1) 2 – c-b-a-d-e
2) 4 – e-c-a-b-d
3) 2 – c-a-e-d-b
4) 5 – a-b-d-e-c
5) 3 – b-c-e-a-d
6) 1 – d-c-a-b-e
7) 1 – d-a-c-b-e
8) 3 – a-d-b-c-e
9) 5 – b-d-c-a-e
10) 4 – e-b-a-c-d