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How to Solve Coin Problems Part 2

I have already introduced how to solve coin problems, so in this post, we solve more problems about it. Coin problems involve problems consisting coins, bills, and of course, any object of value. We have already solved 2 problems in the previous post, so we continue with the third problem.

Problem 3

A box contains 32 bills consisting of Php20 and Php50. The total amount of money in the box is 1000 pesos. How many bills of each kind are there?

Note: For my readers from other countries, Php means Philippine pesos. Continue Reading

Introduction to Coin Problems

Coin problems is one of the word problem types that may also appear in the next Civil Service Examination. Coin problems may refer problems regarding actual coins or even problems involving bills. Although the Civil Service Examination is solely for Filipinos, nobody will prevent the creators of the exams using American terms such as pennies, nickels, and dimes.  In case you do not know, or you have forgotten, a penny is equivalent to 1 cent, a nickel is equivalent to 5 cents, and a dime is equivalent to 10 cents.

Let us try to solve two problems as a teaser to this series. Continue Reading