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Introduction to the Concept of Percentage

Now that we have already studied fractions and decimals, we discuss percentage. You are likely to be aware that the concept of percentage is very useful in daily life. We always go to stores where there are discounts and we do not want loans with high interest. These calculations involve the concept of percentage.

What is percentage really?

Percentage is a number ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. When we say 10 percent, what we really mean is 10 out of 100, or in fraction notation 10/100. Therefore, when we see that a shirt is sold for a 50 percent discount, we actually say 50 out of 100 or 50/100. Notice that 50/100 when reduced to lowest terms is 1/2 which means that we only have to pay half of the price of the shirt. As we all know, we use the symbol % to denote percent. Continue Reading