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Grammar and Correct Usage Practice Test 2

This is the second part of the Grammar and Correct Usage practice tests series. In each sentence, identify the error in punctuation, grammar, and usage.

1. Paul Erdos was a mathematician who writes a lot of research papers in collaboration with other mathematicians.

2. Anna lay her books on the table before opening her laptop.

3. Please seat here, Mr. Reyes. I’ll just call the doctor.

4. Which constellation do you see most often, Leo Minor or Pegasus?

5. He is the one which called earlier.

6. I am taking japanese class next semester. Continue Reading

Answers to Grammar Practice Test 1

Below are the answers and the explanations to the Grammar and Correct Usage Practice Test 1. The incorrect word or phrase in the sentence is highlighted red, while the correct word or phrase is highlighted green.

1. The inventor stood to except the award.

Correct Sentence: The inventor stood to accept the award.
Explanation: Accept means “to receive”, except means “to exclude.”

2. Between the three of us, I think I am the slowest runner.

Correct Sentence: Among the three of us, I think I am the slowest runner.
Explanation: Among is used to refer to 3 or more members of the group, while between is used to refer to two member of the group. Continue Reading

Grammar and Correct Usage Practice Test 1

One of the types of test in the Philippine Civil Service Examinations both Professional and Subprofessional is about grammar and correct usage. In the actual examinations, sentences are divided into phrases and numbered 1 through 5. You will be asked to identify the number of the phrase with incorrect grammar or usage.

In the practice test below, the sentences are shorter than the actual examinations, but the important thing is you should be able to identify the error. We will have compound and complex sentences in later practice tests.

Instructions Identify the word/phrase that makes the sentence incorrect if there are any. If no error is found, write NE. Continue Reading