Greatest Common Factor Quiz

After learning How to Get the Greatest Common Factor of Two Numbers, let’s have a quiz! The greatest common factor is used to reduce a fraction to lowest terms, so I included such items on the quiz below.

To reduce a fraction to lowest terms, get the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator, and then divide

Greatest Common Factor Quiz

Part 1: Get the greatest common factor of the following numbers.

1.) 12 and 15


2.) 18 and 28  » Read more

Answers to the Multiplying Fractions Practice Test

In the previous post, we have learned how to multiply fractions. We have learned that it is Below are the solutions and answers to the Practice Test on Multiplying Fractions.  If you have forgotten the methods of calculation, you can read How to Multiply Fractions.

The methods shown in some of the solutions below is only one among the many. I have mentioned some tips, but I don’t want to fill the solution with short cuts because there are times that when you forget the shortcut, you are not able to solve the problem. My advice if you want to pass the Civil Service Examination for Numerical Literacy is to master the basics, practice a lot, and develop your own shortcuts. » Read more

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