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Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 8

This is the 8th part of the Grammar and Correct Usage series for the Civil Service Examination. Enjoy and have fun learning.

Fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences with the most appropriate word (s).

1. If we had gone to bed early last night, we _______rested enough.
a. would have
b. should have
c. could have

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. would have[/toggle]

2. If I ________the recruiting officer, I would not take bribes.
a. am
b. was
c. were  Continue Reading

Grammar and Correct Usage Practice 2 Answers and Explanations

Below are the answers and the explanations to the Grammar and Correct Usage Practice Test 2. The incorrect word or phrase in the sentence is highlighted red, while the correct word or phrase is highlighted green.

1. Paul Erdos was a mathematician who writes a lot of research papers in collaboration with other mathematicians.

Correct Sentence: Paul Erdos was a mathematician who wrote a lot of research papers in collaboration with other mathematicians

Explanation: The tense of the verbs in a sentence must be consistent unless there is a reason to change. The verb was is past tense, so the verb writes must be changed to wroteContinue Reading