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How to Solve Age Problems Part 3

This is the third part of the Solving Age Problems Series. In this part, we will solve age problems with a variety of formats and difficulty that are not discussed in the first two parts. We have already solved six problems in the first and second part, so we start with the seventh problem.

Example 7

Bill is four times as old as Carol. One fifth of Bill’s age added to one half Carol’s age is equal to 13 years. How old are both of them?

Scratch work

Bill is older than Carol and he is four times older. This means that if Carol is x years old, then Bill is 4x years old. Now, one fifth of Bill’s age is \frac{1}{5}(4x) and one half of Carol’s age is \frac{1}{2}x. Add these together and you get 13. Now, we have an equation. Continue Reading

How to Solve Age Problems Part 1

After a series of tutorials on word problems involving numbers, we now move to learning on how to solve word problems involving age. Age problems are very similar to number problems, so if you have finished reading The Number Word Problem Series, then it will be easier for you to solve the following age problems.

Example 1

Benjie is thrice as old as his son Cedric. The sum of their ages is 64. How old are both of them?

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This is one of those age problems that are very similar to number problems. Let’s take a specific case. If Cedric is say 8 years old, then Benji is 3(8) years old. This means that if Cedric is x years old, then Benjie is 3x. If we add their ages, the result is 64. Continue Reading