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PCSR Civil Service Exam Review Guide 8

PART I: MATH A. Youtube Videos Lesson on Equations Lesson 1: Introduction to Equations Lesson 2: Solutions to Equations Lesson 3: Properties of Equality Lesson 4: Solving Equations Part 1 Lesson 5: Solving Equations Part 2 Lesson 6: Solving Equations Part 3 Lesson 7: Solving Equations Part 4 How to Solve Equations How to Solve Equations… Read More »

A Tutorial on Solving Equations Part 2

This is a continuation of Solving Equations Part 1.  As I have mentioned in that post, being able to solve equations is very important since it is used for solving more complicated problems (e.g. word problems). In this post, we are going to solve a slightly more complicated equations. We already discussed 5 examples in the… Read More »

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