Practice Quiz on Multiplying Decimals

After taking a quiz on subtracting decimals, let’s see what you know so far on multiplying decimals.

If you forget the algorithm on how to multiply decimals, please read How to Multiply Decimals of the Operations on Decimals Tutorial Series.

Practice Quiz on Multiplying Decimals

Solve each problem and click the + sign to check your answer. No calculator please. 🙂

1. 10 \times 0.2


2. 0.4 \times 2

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How to Multiply Numbers with Decimals

This is the third part of the Operations on Decimals Series and in this post, we discuss about Multiplication of Decimals. In multiplying decimals, the decimal point in the product has something to do with the number of decimals of the factors.

How to Multiply Numbers with Decimals Examples

Example 1:  What is  3.6 \times 4?

In this example, only one factor has a decimal number, the other is a whole number. To multiply, first, ignore the decimal point and then just multiply the numbers:

36 \times 4 = 144.

After multiplying, count the number of decimal numbers (numbers after on the right hand side of the decimal point) of the factors. There is only one decimal number which is 6. So, in the product, starting from the right, count one number and then place the decimal point before that number making it 14.4. » Read more

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