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Paragraph Organization Practice Test

Direction: The sentences below when properly arranged would make a well-developed paragraph. Arrange the sentences in such a way that the paragraph becomes a meaningful ordering of the sentences. Answer the questions that follow.

ITEMS # 1-4

A.) Because of that, he came into conflict with the Catholic Church, and he was eventually put on trial.
B.) This is essentially the view that the earth goes around the sun rather than vice versa.
C.) On that basis, he defended a view known as heliocentrism.
D.) Now this was in opposition to the prevailing view advocated by the Church, the geocentric view, the belief that the sun orbits the earth.
E.) Galileo uses the telescope, a new and imperfect technology at that time to make observations about the heavens.

1.) What should be the proper order of the sentences?
A.) D-C-B-A-E
B.) B-E-A-C-D
C.) C-D-A-B-E
D.) E-C-B-D-A

2.) Which should be the fourth sentence?
A.) Sentence A
B.) Sentence B
C.) Sentence C
D.) Sentence D

3.) Which should be the first sentence?
A.) Sentence E
B.) Sentence A
C.) Sentence B
D.) Sentence C

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