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How to Read and Explore PH Civil Service Reviewer Effectively

Although there are many topics that I have not discussed yet, I have been repeatedly receiving requests for topics that are already in this blog. Currently, I am trying to update the pages which contains the list of topics by categories. My apologies but my schedule is a bit tight for the next few months.

Anyway, if you want to see if the topic that you are looking for is already in this blog, you can do the following:

1.) Explore the Pages

ph civil servicer reviewerAs of now, not all posts are listed on the pages, but I am slowly updating them. Continue Reading

Future Plans; Post Requests, Comments?

Spring is coming, and I am going back to academic work in a week. When the Civil Service Examination is over, I will be slowing down my posts (maybe 3x a week only) to focus more on my academic life.

For those who are curious, or those who are thinking to take me out for a cup of coffee in case you pass the examination, I am afraid it is not possible (hehe). I have been out of the country for quite a while. I am studying abroad under a scholarship, so we will have to postpone the ‘coffee thing’ until I come back.  🙂 For now, I am going to tell you about my future plans for this blog. These are some of them. Continue Reading