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PCSR Civil Service Exam Review Guide 4

After learning how to subtract fractions, in this review guide we will be learning about multiplication and division of fractions. Watch the video below and read the articles. PART I: MATHEMATICS Videos A. Multiplication of Fractions Lesson 1: Multiplication of Fractions (Proper and Improper) Lesson 2: Multiplication of Fractions (Mixed Fractions) Lesson 3: Multiplication of… Read More »

Grammar Tutorial: Summary of the Progressive Tenses

To recapitulate the previous posts in progressive tenses (present, past, and future), the writer prepares related exercises to evaluate your mastery of this lesson. The run-down of practice exercises come after the brief discussion of each progressive tense. Just check your answer/s in the provided key to correction once you are done. Let us begin… Read More »

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