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Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 4

This is the fourth post in the Alphabetic Filing series. In this post, we are going to learn how to file those hyphenated and compound names.

Rule 4

Hypenated and compound last names are treated as one word. Ignore the hypen (-) and file the two words as one unit. Consider the following examples:

Luna F. Ag-non
Mara S. Dela Vega
Jonna P. Delos Reyes
Lando D. San Pedro

They are filed as:

Agnon, Luna F.
Delavega, Mara S.
Delosreyes, Jonna P.
Sanpedro, Lando D.

Now, try the following exercises.

Exercise 1

Madison Y. Dela Cruz
Noel M. Jagan-an
Lani S. Santa Ana
Bernadeth A. Delos Santos
Micca H. San Carlos

Exercise 2

Lorena S. Delos Reyes
Gino R. San Pedro
Joel M. Santa-fe
Lea O. Dela Costa
Miriam B. Alapa-ap

Exercise 3

Celestine N. Dagas-das
Junior R. Quintos Deles
Helen L. Villa Roman
Angel V. Eli-pajo
Maya C. Baqui-ran

Answer to Exercise 1

Delacruz, Madison Y.
Delossantos, Bernadeth A.
Jaganan, Noel M.
Sancarlos, Micca H.
Santaana, Lani S.

Answer to Exercise 2

Alapaap, Miriam B.
Delacosta, Lea O.
Delosreyes, Lorena S.
Sanpedro, Gino R.
Santafe, Joel M.

Answer to Exercise 3

Baquiran, Maya C.
Dagasdas, Celestine N.
Elipajo, Angel V.
Quintosdeles, Junior R.
Villaroman, Helen L.

Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 1

In this post, we are going to learn alphabetic filing. This part is included in the Sub-professional Civil Service Exam.

Rule 1

Before alphabetizing, names of individuals should be arranged in the following order: Last Name, First Name, Middle name (or Middle Initial).


Consider the following names to be arranged in alphabetical order.

Romeo A. Magdaraog
Jam F. Sisante
Karen S. Rama
Sammy H. Valderama
Valerie S. Ariso

From the rule stated above, to alphabetize, we must first rearranged the name as in the order stated above. The rearranged names are as follows.

Magdaraog, Romel A.
Sisante, Jam F.
Rama, Karen S.
Valderama, Sammy H.
Ariso, Valerie S.

We can now alphabetize the names above. The CORRECT alphabetized names are as follows

Ariso, Valerie S.
Magdaraog, Romel A.
Rama, Karen S.
Sisante, Jam F.
Valderama, Sammy H.

Now, let’s answer some exercises in alphabetizing names.

Exercise 1: Alphabetize the following names.

Angela P. Morera
Rico S. Ancheta
Mary Anne L. Herrera
Jill S. Solidum
Emilo G. Solidum

Exercise 2: Alphabetize the following names.

Janus Guerrero Pedroso
Felix Esguerra Moreno
Maria Paula Sabino Santos
Samuel Porras Callanta
Fe Rabino Tumbado

Exercise 3: Alphabetize the following names.

Ariane L. Jacobo
Rachel May S. Paulo
Naomi F. Bernardo
Shane R. Usana
Ibrahim S. Alcantara

The following are the correct answer to Exercises 1 and Exercise 2 above.

Answer to Exercise 1

Ancheta, Rico S.
Herrera, Mary Anne L.
Morera, Angela P.
Solidum, Emilo G.
Solidum, Jill S.

Answer to Exercises 2

Callanta, Samuel Porras
Moreno, Felix Esguerra
Pedroso, Janus Guerrero
Santos, Maria Paula Sabino
Tumbado, Fe Rabino

Answer to Exercises 3

Alcantara, Ibrahim S.
Bernardo, Naomi F.
Jacobo, Ariane L.
Paulo, Rachel May S.
Usana, Shane R.

That’s it for the first rule in alphabetizing. In the next post, we will learn about how to alphabetize names that contain prefixes or those which contains more than one word.