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Subtraction of Integers Exercises – Set 1

Below are exercises on subtraction of signed numbers. Part I and II are exercises for subtraction of integers, while part III is an extension to fractions and decimals. Solutions and answers can be found here. Part I 1. 8 – (-7) 2. -4 – (-10) 3. -6 – 8 4. 0 – (-5) 5. -17 –… Read More »

Week 5 Review: Practice Exercises and Problems

In the previous post, we learned about operations on integers, order of operations, and PEMDAS rules. Below are the exercises and problems about these topics. PCSR WEEK 5 Review: Operations on Integers Practice Exercises 1 a.) 12 + (-4) b.) (-9) + 3 c.) (-7) + (- 5) d.) 8 + 3 + (-11) e.)… Read More »

PCSR REVIEW SERIES WEEK 5: Operations on Integers and PEMDAS

Below are the articles and videos that you should read and watch about operations on integers, order of operations, and PEMDAS. Exercises and problems will be posted soon. PART 1: OPERATIONS ON INTEGERS Articles How to Add Positive and Negative Integers How to Subtract Positive and Negative Integers How to Multiply Positive and Negative Integers How to… Read More »

Practice Exercises on Subtraction of Integers

To answer the exercises below, it is assumed that you have already finished reading addition of integers and subtraction of integers. In subtraction of integers, we have learned two rules: (1) a – b = a + (-b) (2) a – (-b) = a + b We will use these rules in answering the exersises… Read More »

The Operations on Integers Series

In the previous post, I have mentioned that it is important for you to master basic mathematics. One of the basic skills that you should master is operations on integers. Luckily, I have finished writing all the tutorials and reviewers for all the operations on integers.  They are listed below. How add Integers (Practice Test with Solutions, Quiz 1)… Read More »

Subtraction of Integers Quiz 1

Welcome to the first quiz on Subtraction of Integers. If you have forgotten how to subtract integers, please read How to Subtract Integers. You can also answer the Practice Exercise first (with full solutions) before answering the quiz below. Note that in some mobile devices, the answers maybe shown, so it is better to answer… Read More »

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